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rigid cordless made by who?

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    Originally posted by Caspian:
    </font><blockquote>quote:</font><hr />Originally posted by rrmcbride:
    As a retired union member

    that explains everything </font>[/QUOTE]Caspian...I'm so impressed with your knowledge about Ridgid tools and woodworking ability not to mention your great way with words that I have awarded you a 5 star rating...

    In the four days you have been a member here you have given us all so much important information on Ridgid. Information that no one else has been able to supply...

    I hope that now that everyone will be looking up to you as a leading authority on this forum you will continue to share your knowledge with us....

    Thanks again for all you have done....Bob


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      Thanks for the rating, bob. i returned the favor because i feel that your 30 days logged on far surpasses my mere 4 days.
      However i think you over estimated my woodworking skills. i only picked up a piece of wood 4 days ago. heck, i put the blade on my circular saw on backwards and it took me two days to figure out why it wasn't cutting. don't get me started on drill bits. did you know those buggers have to be put in a certain way? Man, that was another day of scratching my head. so actually when you get down to it, i have only been wood working for one day.
      thanks for your vote of confidence.



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        you wrote:

        "Doesn't that just mean you will have to pay 20% more to buy Rigid tools from China? With the weaker dollar? "

        No,the Chinese currency is pegged to the dollar,in fact this is part of the debate about the China/US trade deficit,the US politicians would like the Chinese Yuan/Renmibi to float freely.


        If you re-read my post,I only claim that certain specific Toyota models are re-badged as Lexus'.Obviously the rear wheel drive Lexus models don't have any corresponding Toyota equivalent.It's kind of like the new Scion line being built on a Toyota Echo platform.


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          Hi all. Well as I was exciteably amused by the miriad of replies sparked by my reply post although I doubt I was directly responsible for the Toyota/Lexus debate fiasco. I do have some doubts albeit not as much as I did when I first saw the shaking of the home depot guy's head as I said the word "Ridgid". I am convinced that the two lines (Ridgid/Ryobi) are infact produced on different platforms when it comes to production lines. I guess I feel this was due to the overwhelming response that the two lines could possibly have something in common seeing that the Ridgid line came from such a prestigious background dating back some 80 years. The two lines of tools don't resemble eachother at all actually and I'm glad. I hate yellow and blue. I have somewhat decided to now give the Ridgid line a fighting chance in my soon to be woodworking hobby. Thanks for the great debate and by the way I think that Toyota's are highly overrated and would rather own a brand new accord two door V6.... [img]smile.gif[/img]



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            Originally posted by jones31:
            Thanks for the great debate and by the way I think that Toyota's are highly overrated and would rather own a brand new accord two door V6.... [img]smile.gif[/img] Thanks
            Acuras are just rebadged Hondas.


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              Of course they are rebadged hondas. The 1.6 EL has the same radio config as the civic. They even use the same suspension system.


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                A friend of my wife's just bought a Honda Pilot and the sales people told her that it is based on an Acura MDX platform(true).I told her that they were both based on a Honda Odyssey platform.

                How about that Honda Passport(Isuzu Rodeo),Isuzu Oasis(Honda 1st gen Odyssey)and Acura Isuzu Trooper vehicle?

                Remember,Kia and Hyundai have the best manufacurers warranties.


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                  Yeah Honda's are good cars..pretty solid when you get into the bodies and stuff. They aren't very good for the winter if you are in Canada, may hawaii or something. My girlfriend has a 2002 civic and she slides all over the place in the winter. I would prefer the Pilot. A pretty good vehicle with some guts but then again we are here for Power tools are we not? I'm getting the 4 peice Combo kit after Christmas I think. I don't really want the Corldess Circ Saw but maybe I can sell it and get the 71/4" corded one instead. I can' use the Recip Saw either. I really want the kit for the hammer drill. Hell If I were so inclined I would just get a different brand of Hammer drill just so im can save the hassle and get the 71/4 " Circ saw by itself instead of going through all that just to try and sell the saw only to go out and by another one. I think the three peice kit with the flashlight, hammerdrill and the saw would be ok just as long as the smaller cordless saw does the job.



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                    If you want the combo kit for the center handle hammer drill, get the 3 peice set, its been dropped in price to $329.00 and all you have to do is sell the cir saw.
                    I am sure someone on the forum would like to buy it if they already have a 18v drill.