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  • Changed to Dewalt

    I had written several messages,raving about my X-2 hammerdrill.
    Last week I saw a Lowes add for a Dewalt 18v drill and a cordless reciprocating saw combo for 30 dollars more than my x-2. My beloved X-2 was returned. Home Depot gave me no trouble returning my 2 1/2 month old drill.
    In my previous messages I had trashed Dewalt several times,and now my workbench is full of yellow tools. What can I say?
    As for the Dewalt 987, it is a nice drill once I learned how to manipulate its 3 speed shifter.
    I did have to exchange one drill because of chuck wobble.I would suggest to readers that you check any new drill (especially Dewalt) for wobble. I used a long bit to test mine.
    I still would recommend an x-2 to anybody,they are great drills.
    I still own two Ridgid tools.