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When will 5pc battery powered kit be available in stores?

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  • When will 5pc battery powered kit be available in stores?

    I see one store has the new 4 pc kit (was 3pc the mail in coupon for 4th). Talking to the staff is, at best, unhelpful.

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    What 5 piece kit are you refering too or is this something you'd like to see? If its something you'd like to see offered, what 4 tools would you like to have included with the mandatory overpriced and, in my case anyway, useless flashlight that is part of almost all kits?
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      Other places in this forum, someone mentioned that the 3 pc battery powered tool set was going to turn into a 4 pc set buy the factory including the 12v impact tool in the kit rather than having the customer mail in a coupon.

      I stopped at a local HD and indeed the 3pc R9211 had turned into thr R9212 4pc set. Same price.

      And the 4 pc set was going to become a 5 pc set when the 18v impact tool was be included in the old 4 pc set from the factory. No more need to mail coupons in.

      So I guess the question is when will the R9221 4 pc set morph into the R9222 sets?


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        When the store runs out of the old kits the new kits will follow them It is a rolling change and depends on how many 4pc kits are left at your store.