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Good work, 12 volt X2

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  • Good work, 12 volt X2

    I was skeptical about buying a cordless Ridgid tool, but for $99 I couldn't pass it up. If you can handle the weight, this drill is perfect for occassional heavy use by the home owner. The hardest test so far has been screwing 1/2 to 1/2 plywood for a subfloor. Both batteries went 300 screws before losing power, with enough torque to blow through the wood if you're not careful.

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    Your 12V buried 300 1 1/2 to 2 inch screws? That is pretty dang good f0r a 12V I would think. Is there any signs of the wobble with long bits like the 18V stuff?

    \"If it ain\'t broke, you just aren\'t trying hard enough!\"


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      I was using 1.25" drywall screws and each battery lasted to #300.

      I went downstairs to check the chuck. I wasn't aware of this wobble problem until now, but it's there. I put in a 1" woodboring bit and the wobble is noticeable -- usable but noticeable.

      I can live with it for $99. (But I did email a guy from RIDGID who should get back to me tomorrow ...)


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        I just picked up one of these drills at HD for 69 bucks! Great deal going on. However, many of us from another forum have been reporting a loud clacking / ratcheting noise when releasing the trigger on this drill. Is this normal? I'd like to report back with something concrete on this issue. Anyone?

        [ 01-23-2005, 09:34 AM: Message edited by: WoodWeasle ]


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          Just curious, is there a racall on these drills with the wobble?? I have the 18 volt 4 piece kit but havent noticed a wobble in the drill chuck as of yet, but I will look at it closer. And will HD replace the drill if it DOES have that problem??