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18-Volt X2 4-Piece Combo Kit

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  • 18-Volt X2 4-Piece Combo Kit

    I reviewed the kit at the local Home Depot. I as many others was/am skeptical about the warranty regarding batteries. The website provides 4 online suppliers. I could not find the kit at any of the sites. Ebay has the kit for approximately $350.00 NIB. What constitutes a valid sale? Home Depot posted the Lifetime Warranty if purchased by the end of the year, but the flier indicates it is a Ridgid warranty. I have not purchased a Rigid product yet, but the website, authorized dealer network, authorized purchase description, dealers, and warranty coverage documentation (document in box stating batteries covered for life) need work.

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    There is no skeptisim regarding the Lifetime Service Warranty. This has been worked through over the past 4-6 weeks. All is clear and documented. It is clearly stated : "normal wear" items are covered for the lifetime of the product or your's probably!

    The warranty is available for download, so print the damn thing out and stop worrying



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      Cutbuff is spot on. We will support burned out batteries under the introductory warranty.
      An eBay sales slip won't get you coverage under the lifetime service agreement.