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I feel ripped off.

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    The Milwaukee is'nt quite a bit heavier than my 18V DeWalt. You must have the "Compact" model. Mine's the XRP 1/2" drill/driver/hammerdrill model, and believe me, it's quite hefty and I don't think the Milwaukee has anything on it with weight.


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      I have problems with my batteries charging and not lasting very long. Minimum of 2-4 hours.

      Then when they are in the charger the batteries are always being evaluated before charging.

      I was told they have to cool down before charging
      what kind of system is this. Who has time to wait for batteries to cool down?!

      Any advise with this problem?
      By the way I traded a Dewalt system that lasted seven years. This system has pretty poor performance.


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        You are not pushing the batteries far enough down on the charger. I hate to admit it but I was caught by the same problem at first. I've used cordless tools for over 25 years and I never had to do anything but drop the battery in the charger. With Ridgid, the locking tab must be forced out of the way in order for the battery to slide on completely. Unfortunately, as you've noticed, a partial connection starts the charger but does not make good enough contact to evaluate/charge the battery. I exchanged a perfectly good combo pack before I figured it out. It makes me wonder how many other people have returned them for the same "problem". If Ridgid actually has any engineers, they should have discovered this and put a clearance notch in the charger for smoother battery insertion. Who knows how much they might have saved in returns.

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          here is my take on this. i sent this e-mail to ridgid through the contact us part of the ridgid web site.

          in november of 2003 i purchased the above mentioned combo kit from my local home depot. thought the tools were great. right off the bat the drill chuck had some wobble when i was starting to start a drill bit and when i was using a 1/4" bit for driving sheet metal screws. i thought it was maybe old bits and figure it would stop after a while. it didn't get better with new bits. but it worked. not a big deal. after a couple months the charger began to die. it would only charge one side after you would plug the charger into the wall outlet. so i found my "local" service center and drove 40 minutes from my house to drop off the charger for repair. that was almost 4 months ago. shortly after i dropped the charger off for repair i went back to hd and purchased a new charger to use till i got the charger back from the repair shop. that has been again almost 4 months ago. now this week while cutting out a ceiling the reciprocating saw locked up and won't now i'm not a very happy camper with this tool set. i took it the set back to hd and wanted to exchange it for the milwaukee tool set.i know alot of people that have that brand tool and are very pleased with them. wasn't gonna happen is basically what the tool mgr told me. could only send it back to the factory and their discresion as to wheather repair,replace or refund my money.and i understand that as that is probably hd store i bid them thank you and proceded to go back to the local service center and drop off the reciprocating saw and the drill for repairs.according to the shop they go through a central parts warehouse for parts and cannot get parts very quickly. this seems to be a problem. had i not gotten another charger ( another 100 bucks out of my pocket not to mention the 500 plus it cost me at the beginning to buy this torment) i wouldn't be using any cordless power tools for my job. and this is upsetting me. i bought this set for the warranty, i didn't expect to be usind it at all let alone this soon!!!!! now i have a cordless circular saw that isn't gonna help drill holes at all. but at least i can keep the batteries charged. that leads my to my next problem, the batteries don't last very long. we have been using a dewalt cordless recriprocating saw for over 4 years and within the last couple months we had to replace the saw. the run time on the dewalt saw was much longer than the ridgid tool. i figured it was new batteries and after a couple cycles it would improve. it did not. that must be why it only takes 30 minutes to charge these batteries because you have to use twice as many batteries to do the same job. that stinks too. i've been working in the hvac field for over 16 years and have been buying ridgid tools as aften as i can because of the warranty. they are the best plumbing tool out there to me. i bought this tool set thinking it will be on the same quality as dewalt or milwaukee and the kicker was the warranty, i was wrong. never have i been so dissatisfied with a major tool purchase in my life. this is not what i expected for ridgid. i would appreciate better service getting the parts to my repair shop so i can go back to work or to buy them back from me or something!! this is very frustrating to me and i feel i should not have to spend time e-mailing somebody to complain on a saturday. this is also taking up personal time for tools i use for my job. i've never had this many problems with any other power tools i've owned.(i.e. a black and decker cordless drill i used for work for 3 years until i needed a reciprocating saw, then i bought a ryobi set beacuse of the price but it only lasted a year before the batteries began to wear out . so i upgraded to this set, and has been down hill from there) and this was the response
          I apologize for the difficulty you have experienced with some of the items in the Ridgid combo-kit you purchased back in November 2003. Unfortunately, any part of any product on the market today can experience a failure or difficulty, which is why Ridgid offered the lifetime warranty to begin with, so that their valued customers like yourself would be insured that any problem related to a defect in parts or workmanship could and would be taken care of. You indicated that the trouble items from your kit are currently in an authorized service dealers shop for correction. Authorized service dealers typically have up to 90 days under warranty guidelines to officiate repairs. However, if there is any difficulty getting this matter resolved through the authorized service dealer in a timely manner, please do not hesitate to contact the Ridgid customer service manager at 1-866-539-1710 for resolution.

          Technical Services
          OWT Industries

          when i went back to return the tool set i got the treatment that hank404 described to a t. and taht has caused my to register and give my 2 cents on this DEAL. i liked the idea of cooling the batteries down or heating them up before charging but i don't want to sacrifice run time to get that.
          this tool set also caused me to cancel my home depot charge and when the operator asked why i was closing the account i told her the story and she gave my the home depot customer care/service number. and when i called i gave that poor guy the whole story too. if i have to go into home depot again it will be too soon. sorry about going on like this but i want more people to know what i've been going through and how i felt about this tool set.


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            Hope you have a set of Milwaukee corded.....I have realized that service of Ridgid is fairly poor if you need replacement parts....My recip foot broke off...I could perform the service myself but lack the part...3 weeks still no part...This is why B&D (DeWalt) is on most job sites due to service centers in close proximity...


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              paul, what i have corded is mostly the best brand i could afford at the time. porter cable recip saw and a dewalt by black and decker 3/8 drill that has had a new switch put in about 6 or 7 years ago. i originally had a craftsman 3/8 drill for about 3 years before i burnt it up. and that would have been about 12 years ago or so when that happened.

              personally i think that the ridgid circ saw is very smooth. it feels like it has good power. no problems with it so far but i don't get it really doesn't get alot of use.


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                I have the 3 piece combo set and am pretty happy with it. Consumer Reports rated drills recently, and although they didn't rate the 18V Ridgid drill, they rated other voltages, and no Ridgid drill rated worst than 3rd place. Not bad considering they rated many drills. (They claim they are currently testing the 18v models.)

                I think the drill is very solid and well balanced. There are only two things that bug me, the high/low switch doesn't seem to snap solidly in place, and the forward/reverse switch isn't marked well. I would prefer visible arrows that point IN or OUT. It seems to have two arrows that both point out. I know the in and out sides are standard, but when your upside-down cramed in somewhere, its easy to loose track of forward/reverse.

                On batteries, I would have to agree that battery life per charge is shorter than it should be. The problm is not the batteries but the charger, and the choice to go with a 30minute charge. If they had gone with an hour charge, life would be better. Despite the talk here that one brand of battery is better than another, the fact is most brands use the same type of batteries. Ones made by Sanyo. Some drills have gone with NiMH instead, and while these batteries hold more charge for their weight, they are actually not the best for things like drills and saw that demand very high bursts of power. NiCd handles these demands best.

                Some here have also complained that the charger won't charge hot batteries. The is protection for your batteries. Hot batteries should never be charged if you want max. service life from them. (Again, the drill manufacturer doesn't matter.) The better chargers will never charge a hot battery, especially in a quick charger.

                I'd definitly buy Ridgid again. Maybe not the ultimate best in way, but certainly up there in most.


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                  Originally posted by David M.:
                  The Milwaukee is'nt quite a bit heavier than my 18V DeWalt. You must have the "Compact" model. Mine's the XRP 1/2" drill/driver/hammerdrill model, and believe me, it's quite hefty and I don't think the Milwaukee has anything on it with weight.
                  I have the xrp 18 volt also. The Milwaukee 18 volt Lok-Tor is heavier by over 1/2 pound (xrp hammerdrill 5.95 lbs., locktor hammerdrill 6.5 lbs.).

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