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oil LUBE Twinstack problem

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  • oil LUBE Twinstack problem

    Just bought the twinstack. I followed the breakin exactly as instructed. When I first plugged the unit in it was very slow to start up. The motor strained for some time before it finally fired up and reached normal rpm. I made sure it was plugged in to a good power source, using a proper exstenstion cord. It was not a power issue but it seemed as though it was having trouble moving the piston in the head. After it had run for some time it would fire right up as normal. If I let it sit for any time say 20 min. it takes three trips of the overheat switch before it will run normally. After that it is ok as long as I dont let it sit. Is this a condition that will go away or should I return it and get another unit? I have only had it for 3 days...

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    I don't own this compressor but something just doesn't sound right to me. I'd return it. If you followed the breakin procedure and you said that you did and this is how it acts then something isn't right. Return it now for another while it's still within the 90 Satisfation Guaranteed period.

    EDIT: Did you try and power it up without it being plugged into an extension cord?

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