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  • MS1290 and MSUV

    Right now there is a special on the MS1290 if you buy it and send in a rebate form you will receive a MSUV free. The form says 6-8 week turn around.

    My question is can I buy a MS1290 and MSUV and when I receive the MSUV in the mail,take it back to Home Depot? The MS1290 is so large that without the MSUV or something similar it would be hard to manage. 2 months could be a problem.

    I talked to the HD people and they didn't care but was concerned how the MSUV that is sent out is packaged. Their main concern was it the same sku# and everything.
    Rev Ed

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    RevEd -
    I will be straight with you - seems like your suggestion would be a fair trade and common sense. HOWEVER (and you had to know that this was coming) The promotion form you refer to now is from RIDGID. The new saw is packaged in one box with the MSUV. Therefore, there will not be a seperate SKU for the stores to take the return against. Nor would you have a reciept which Depot now mandates as part of its return policy.

    My bet RevEd is that you will get your free stand much faster than the stated time frame. Us marketing folk like to pad dates so we give ourselves a little breathing room.

    Sorry it isn't the answer you may be looking for - but that's the lay of the land.


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      forgive if I seem stupid but right now the MSUV and the saw are packaged separately. If I buy both I will have a box and a receipt for the MSUV.

      Now if I send in the rebate and Ridgid send me another MSUV what would be the problem of taking it as shipped or putting it in the old box with my reciept and returing it? If that would cause big problems I won't do it.

      Your response almost sounded like Ridgid is going to package th MSVU and the SAW in one box is that right?
      Rev Ed


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        Right now the two pieces are packaged in seperate boxes and have seperate SKU's. I miss spoke to you that they will be packaged together. My mind was on the job site table saw. My appologies. The work and haul it will be packaged together with the TS2400LS going forward. The miter saws will always be stand along as will be the MSUV.

        SO - if you send in the coupon, you will get your free stand as part of the promotion.

        sorry to confuse you - obviously doing too much at once.


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          I have been waiting 7 weeks on my coupon for the msuv, maybe it will be here soon. Moving the ms1290 is getting to be a pain. I wonder if Ridgid has thought about putting a rebate status page on their site? I am impressed with the new saw. I do have concern about the amount of dust that misses the collection port behind the blade. I dont have a vac connected to it, just the bag. Any Ideas? Thanks


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            I've been waiting 4.5 weeks. After Brandman posted...

            "My bet RevEd is that you will get your free stand much faster than the stated time frame. Us marketing folk like to pad dates so we give ourselves a little breathing room."

            ...I thought that Ridgid was sending the stands right out!!! A status page would definitely be appreciated.


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              Boy from the last two posts I'm glad I canned the whole idea. I thought shipping a MSUV woudl be a slow process.
              I bought a Dewalt 703 and plan on using a Black and Decker shopmate stand to hold it.

              If ridgid would have left me buy the MS1290 and given me a MSUV at the time of purhase I would be a lot poorer today.
              Rev Ed


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                The MSUV arrived today!!!

                Definitely a sturdy piece of equipment.

                But with the saw mounted a very close fit going through residential doorways and staircases!!!