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    ... From RIDGID ...

    "If the chuck has a wobble, the drill should be checked and corrected by your nearest authorized Ridgid service dealer."

    Anybody who tells you this is "normal" is mistaken.

    [ 01-14-2005, 09:45 AM: Message edited by: dp ]

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    I did some investigating. No service center in my area has encountered this problem with the drills yet, but I got the impression that RIDGID is 2nd tier quality and lacking in rapid parts availability. However, everybody agrees that $99 is a good deal for this drill.

    I called 2 Home Depot's in my area and they are both willing to exchange until I am happy, so I will try to find one that spins in the round.

    I told the customer service guy to keep an eye out for this problem; he said it's something HD should address with the product rep.

    I have the 12v X2 and it has been a workhorse for me in occassional heavy use as a homeowner. I like the drill and I'd rather not spend 50-100 more for a tool that is more than I need.