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  • What table saw shoul I get

    Hey Everyone I,m New to this forum and from what I've read so far it seems like a great place to learn a lot and everyone is helpful. I'm looking to purchase a new table saw to replace my craftsman 24888. I am currently auditioning a couple brands. The TS3650,General 50-185, Powermatic 64A, Delta 36-682, JET JWTS-10CW2-JF, and the new 3/4 cabinet from sears model 92211.I have about $750 to drop. But at this point I stuck.I'm hoping with you guys and gals inputs, 2cents and opinions the right one will float to the top and the rest will sink.

    Thanks to all in advance

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    First of all, welcome to the forum. Secondly, your list is way too long. With 6 saws to choose from you'll never make up your mind. Each TS you mentioned has both positive and negative points when compared to the others. There's really not a lemon in the bunch with the possible exception of the Craftsman but thats just my opinion.

    I think you need to do a little more homework as to what YOU are looking for in your next TS. Once you've eliminated 3 or 4 of the saws from your list probably any of the remaining saws would be a good fit for you.
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      Glad to see your entire list includes cast iron wings. You don't really expect unkind comments about the 3650 here do you?

      The PM64 and the GI are nearly identical. The GI has a better miter gauge, larger motor, is less expensive, and was ranked #1 by Fine Woodworking last winter. The PM has a better blade guard and a larger dealer network, and is largely recognized as the benchmark for contractor saws, but costs ~ $200 more. The Delta may be a contender with the Biese fence, but I don't know much about it. The Jet is a nice saw, but the "JF" suffix indicates the basic Jet Fence, which is "fine", but not as good as any of the others on your list and not even in the same league as the Biese and clones. The rugged and repeatable steel Biese type fences in general are the standard on most cabinet saws in the $1000-$5000 range. The Ridgid offers alot of conveniences and the current deal makes it a good value for the cost. The Sears is an unproven entity at this point. I liked many of the features I saw, but thought the fence was average at best. The next model up with the full cabinet and Biese fence goes on sale sometimes...I've seen it go in the $750 range...a better choice than the model you mentioned IMHO. DC with most of the contractor types isn't too good....the Sears and Ridgid are the exceptions here. Some come with a DC tray. The addition of a rear panel on the back makes the DC pretty respectable.

      You'll need to decide which features and circumstances are most important to you. Take the opinion of others lightly, but consider why they have that opinion. Go to a good wwing store (like Woodcraft, Rockler or local) and kick the tires on some of the better saws to get a feel for what you like. The fence (or miter gauge) and blade are the most important aspects of good cut quality. Most of these saws should do a good job for you. Buy the best one you can afford that will suit your needs. Good luck!


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        Thanks for your Input Badger Dave I agree with you about eliminate a couple candidates. The main three I was already thinking about is the Ridgid, Delta and the General. As far as features that I am looking for is definitely a good fence cast iron wings good dust collection. Ease of adding a table. Also I only have a 15-amp circuit available at this time. I work in many HD as an outside service rep so I’ve been looking at The 3650 very hard. The Her-cu-lift is a plus but not really that important to me. But for some reason I’m not really feeling that TS maybe because of some of the feedbacks I read on this board. Then when I think about dropping all that money on a saw (GI) that is hundreds of miles away on a website and HD is literally in my yard (close to my house). So any problems I could deal with it local.


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          Knot Me
          Hey thanks for your input also. I was just looking at the Craftsman full cabinet with the Biese Fence. It looks good but as we all know looks can be very deceiving. The spec’s on the website wasn’t all that informative so I think I’m going to do exactly what you said and go to the local sears store and take a closer look and kick the tires a bit.

          Thanks again for your input.


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            Hi Tim_ber - Welcome to the forum. Just to help complicate things, have you given any thought to the Bridgewood at all? Nice saw similar to the General and PM64, and reasonably priced if you don't live too far from PA.


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              I did check out the Bridgewood TSC10CL. There is a great review of about 12 different table saws on americanwoodworker website its quite an informative review. I would consider this model but it has a couple drawbacks that concern me. Example only one cast-iron wing and short rails and if not mistaken it draws more than 15 amps which is all I have available at this time. I might be wrong on the amps. By the way I’m located in New York.

              Appreciate your help very much [img]smile.gif[/img]


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                I'm pretty sure the BW has a standard 1-1/2hp motor. The amp draw should be around 15amps. The rails are standard for a Biese style with 30" rip....the 52" might be available. If you give Wilke a call they'll be able to tell you. The second wing is an extra $70.....worth it IMO, but some folks add an extension table. They do throw in a link belt and precision pulleys.


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                  I just bought a TS3650 after a long shopping experience. I was looking at the Grizly G0444Z, and the Delta 36-680. These were price comparable. I found the features of the Ridgid to be the deciding factor.

                  My shop is in my basement so portability was key. The mobile lift is fantastic. One foot operation. The dust collection with a 2 1/2" port fits right to my shop vac. I paid 492.00 plus got a $50 HD card. This made it a great value. I asked for a discount and got 10% and the card.

                  The fence on the Ridgid was much better than the other two. The delta saw fence was not liked by the guts at wood crafters and did not have a magnified cursor. The Grizzly I could not see (no show room near me) but I have read that they are not that great. The Rigid fence has a magnified cursor, is in 1/32" the whole length (other fences are for the first 12"), and has a 36" rip (The delta and grizzly are 30", craftsman only 25")

                  I set it up and made many cuts this weekend. The Blade was square to within .010 out of the box, the fence was within .004. I made some minor adjustment and the cuts were great. The blade that comes with the saw is average, but I am putting a Forrest WW2 on it this weekend.

                  It passed the nickle test. The saw is smooth, powerful and quiet. This saw is about 60 pounds more than the delta, which makes it vibration free.

                  My only concerns are the availability of accessories and long term on parts, since it is not a main stream saw brand. I am already having a hard time finding a selection of zero clearence inserts.

                  This is a competitive saw, and at the price, no other saw can touch it. With a mobile base and dust collection, the Delat was $700 plus tax and the Grizzly was $675 deleivered.


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                    I prefer to make my own ZCI's but here's a source for some blank inserts; Zero Clearance Inserts
                    I decided to change calling the bathroom the "John" and renamed it the "Jim". I feel so much better saying I went to the Jim this morning.


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                      tal - Glad you like your saw, but I think you might be mistaken on the delivered cost of the Griz 0444Z (I copied this from their website):
                      Model No. Price Truck Freight Your Price G0444Z - $525.00 $78.00 $603.00

                      You may also be mistaken about the sentiment of this Griz fence....I've yet to read a negative about it. The Shop Fox "Original" fence gets some bad press occasionally because it won't slide as close to the blade as most, and there's been some "Classic" fences that have had uneven UHMW plastic faces (most swear by this fence), but the Aluma-Rip fence has pretty much gotten raves across the board from everything I've read. All three are top shelf aftermarket fences that are offered as standard equipment on some cabinet saws.


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                        Thanks for your input, I was looking at these 3 TS for quite some time know and to tell you the truth I think you were going back and fourth questioning your decision just like I’m doing right Know and like you said the Griz is too faraway no touche feele and the Delta well the 3650 pulls ahead in features. I think you just knock me right over the edge on going for the TS3650.


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                          Thanks for the tip on the ZCI site, I;ll check it out.

                          When I stated my price for the Griz, I included the mobile base which added $64 + shipping. (My prices are from memory so they are approx.)


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                            I think you will like the Ridgid saw. I was amazed that it came with all the hardware. I usually have to stop by Home Depot to get what was missing.

                            It took me about 4-5 hours to put it together and do the alignments. This is normal for contractor saws.

                            If you get the TS3650, do not tigten down the Hulc-u-Lift to the saw legs. Just tighten so the nut is at the end of the bolt. My lift works perfect.

                            When I aligned my extensions I used a hammer and a block of wood and tapped the extension flush with the table. When I put the fence on, I did not need any of the shims.

                            I did notice that even though my blade was only .010 out of square, the back was closer to the fence than the front. This caused a little tightness when ripping. I took the time to adjust the blade so the back was about .005 out further than the front. This took the tightness out and the cut is great.

                            Also, since I live in a humid climate, clean and wax your top at the start. I waited and a few beads of my sweat hit the table and it started to rust quickly. I hit it with a 00 steel wool and waxed it. It lookes great.

                            Good luck on what ever you choose


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                              To respond to your point about my consideration. I looked at the Ridgid first, then I looked at the new crafsman, delta, jet, jet supersaw, uni-saw, and grizzly. After weeks and weeks of research, looking, and comparing, I ended up with the Ridgid.

                              The jet supersaw was a great in between contractor and cabinet saw idea, but I heard the fence is bad.

                              The jet contractor saw now comes with the same fence as the super saw, so I decided against it. Also it costs almost $800 with the cast iron extensions.

                              The delta was a nice saw, but the 36-682 with the bis fence was pushing $800 plus, which was too much, and the fence on the 36-680 did not impress me. Plus the deltas did not have any dust collection standard, which my wife insists on!

                              The new craftsman looked impressive, but I have read too many negitive comments to take that chance.

                              I was real close to buying the Grizzly, but I talked to then about shipping and I would need to be homne to get it off the truck. At almost 300 lbs. I could not be sure on having help to get it off the truck or, because of my work schedule, be sure I could be home when it arrived. The show room is a 4 hour drive, and that was too long.

                              I have a frind of mine who has the Ridgid cut off saw and band saw and raves about them. So I picked the Ridgid.

                              Like I said, my only concerns are the availability of parts and warrentee service. Besides that, the Ridgid saw kicks butt in comparision with other contractor saws...especially when you consider that it is $150 to $400 cheaper than the saws I looked at.

                              I update the forum on how it works when I start my China Cabinet project shortly.