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New Member, TP1300LS Planer questions

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  • New Member, TP1300LS Planer questions

    Helo everyone, new guy here. Couple of questions about the planer.

    Can you get brushes somewhere other than ridgid?

    Looks like you can't get to the brush on the outfeed side without dismounting the motor?, Is there a trick or is it as hard as it looks?

    Advise appreciated.

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    Hey Mike,

    Your planer is basically the same as mine. I'm from Canada and when I tried to get brush replacements - I got the run around. Ridgid doesn't like Canada. You cannot order directly from them!

    You may end up going through a 3rd person like I did. The brushes were ordered from another tool company -Gyopi or whatever - another Ridgid company.

    In the States, I though you could order directly.

    As for the problem for the back brush, remove the dust chute and you should have access. Use a small screw driver to room the top. If to tight, use a quarter! It works!