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  • New cordless combo user

    Just got the 3 tool 18 volt combo set and since I have read all the negative reviews about the 18 volt combo sets, it makes me wonder if I should go ahead and keep this Rigid set, or just take it back and get the Milwaukee combo set? Have not tested the tools on my own yet, but why go to all the bother if I will end up having problems with them? Is anyone out there have good experience with these tool?


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    4 piece combo, not a single issue since Jan 2004


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      Since you already have the tools go ahead and use them. I am not sure about the return policy but I think you have 30 days if you don't like them. (hopefully someone here can verify that for us) Don't baby them but use them right away like you would in a hardest case scenario. You will find out right away if you like them or not.

      Everyone develops their own opinion on tools and this is a Ridgid site. My personal opinions lean heavily toward the other brand you mentioned but there are many here who will absolutly use nothing but Ridgid and are very happy with them. So if there is a 30 day return policy(help guys)find out if you like them and if you do, have fun with them.
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        I have two Ridgid Cordless Kits-R921 and R922 which I use everyday for my business. I have not had a single issue with any tool yet.
        Keep in mind, for the millions of units sold, you are only seeing a few issues which is common for any product. Problems can be attributed to a change in parts suppliers, etc... I also own a TS3650, JP0610, EB4424, DP15501,TP1300, SG2000, 18Volt Hand Planer, 18 volt jigsaw, Ridgid Chop Saw, 1050LZ, and just bought the MSUV(Saw Stand)on sale at HD for $99 ...I use all of my Ridgid Tools Daily and I couldn't be happier.

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          The trial period is 90 days for full refund