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  • wet/dry vac filter

    should the filter be removed when im using it to wet vac. my dad says i should remove it. also once its dirty how do i clean it? i was just gonna hose it off but my dad says not to. i didnt have any instructions i dont know if it was supposed to come with any because it was a return at home depot.
    any help would be much appriciated
    oh and it is a WD1245

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    Take the filter out before picking up any kind of liquids. The moisture will turn the dirt in the filter to concrete. I use air to clean out my filters. again DO NOT USE WATER.
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      Some filter manufacturers warn not to use compressed air for cleaning; I suspect their filters aren't very strongly constructed. You can always use another vacuum to get between the pleats after you've knocked off the big stuff by banging the filter end onto something.

      "Cleanstream" filters can be washed (but I doubt it is necessary); all others should never get wet.


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        If you go to the Wet/Dry Vacs link at the top of the page you'll find all kinds of info about the Ridgid vacs there. You can also download and print out the owners manual for your vac. FWIW, Ridgid says it's OK to wet vac with the filter installed. However, you should always empty your vac of all dry materials before you use it to suck up any liquids.

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