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    I think there has been a lot of false reporting on this web site. I’m not an advocate of Ridgid but this forum should be informational and truthful. A lot of NEGATIVE feedback that is unwarranted and I believe is from competitors in the market place. This is not my commentary and is taken from professional trade articles on the Internet. I thought they should be shared with the forum. The following is verifiable, and I have left links would be happy to see member comment.

    According to Consumer Reports, May 2004 rankings of cordless drills Ridgid performed exceptional. 12 volt ranked #1, model R82001. (Ranked in order DeWalt, Makita, Craftsman, Skil). Not all 12 volts in the market were tested.

    14.4 volt drills ranked #2, model R83015 behind Panasonic among all the major competitors. (Ranked in order Bosch, DeWalt, ranked #5 Ridgid R83001, Porter Cable, Makita, Milwaukee, Hitachi, Ryobi, Craftsman).

    ***18 volt drills were not tested.

    I would have put the URL here but you have to subscribe to Consumer Reports. I would have violated their copyright for lifting the information. Look for yourself in your local library.


    Workbench magazine “R5010 heavy-duty 1/2" VSR hammer/pulse
    drill earned the praise of Workbench magazine, who recently recognized the drill in its annual
    list of the Top 10 Innovative Tools of the year.”

    Summary from the author “These sliding compound miter saws are all exemplary for individual reasons: The DeWalt is tough, accurate, and dependable. The Makita is soft-starting and lightweight. Hitachi's soft-starting, quiet motor is excellent. For my sites, though, the innovatively detailed Ridgid and Bosch rise above. I really like Ridgid's laser light, stable stance, and great price. But the Bosch comes in first: Its upfront controls are great, while comfort, stability, and excellent extra features make it unbeatable.”

    Summary from the author “Ridgid comes in second for different reasons. If I had to go to a job and set up a table saw on the second floor, I'd pick this model. It's easy to assemble and disassemble, which is critical for mobility. The stand comes standard with a rolling base. This saw also has a good fence.”

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    Great little factoid you posted. I too tend to think that many of the negative reviews are sometimes not based in total fact.
    I almost got scared off from buying Ridgid tools but I took the plunge and am very happy with the design, performance, and functionality of my Ridgid Table Saw and Drill Press.


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      Of course I have no way of proving this but I have a theory that well over 50% of the people that complain about a product, any product not just tools, have NEVER read the owners manual.

      I also don't have a whole lot of confidence in tool reviews and tool tests conducted by magazines. The conflict of interest factor can't be ignored IMO. It doesn't take very long on BB's like this one and others to know which tools are worth buying and which aren't. The end users are by far the best reviewers and testers you could ever hope to find.

      It also doesn't take much at all to figure out which posters are expressing a legitimate concern and which ones are just out trolling for a fight. Does Ridgid make some bad product, of course they do. Does Delta, PC, DeWalt, and the rest also make some bad product, of course they do. Does Ridgid have more bad product than most, don't know for sure but I doubt it.
      I decided to change calling the bathroom the "John" and renamed it the "Jim". I feel so much better saying I went to the Jim this morning.


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        I think you are right about what you said. I think the true test to someone being a troll or not is how long they stay around. I have been on this board about a year now and I have seen complainers come and go and I have seen some stay and make valuable input. I think if someone is making post that are valuable and make sense they probally are not trolls. I do not like the ridgid power tools but come onto the site to hear about peoples problems and hope to help them solve them. In addition find that most of the people on this board know what they are doing so when i have a problem I get it fixed.


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          Bo and Dave- I agree with you guys on "Trolls" and people who don't read the manual.

          Bottom line is the tools are OK...not too bad...middle of the road...all new products have kinks...Ridgid is certainly not bottom of the barrel as some posters have made it out to be...


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            I also have an opinion about "personal reviews" on web sites.

            It may not be as true for the Ridgid site but very true of others such as and others. I think that the overwhelming majority of people who purchase a product and have a good/satisfying experience with it, just simply don't feel the need or urge to go out to some web site or multiple web sites to tell how great it is. After all, there are advertisements and so on that already do that. Right?

            However, all products, no matter what the product or brand, will have a lemon now and then to come off the production line. Now when the people who purchase those lemons (especially if they cost a lot like a washing machine or a pro power tool) get mad at having spent so much money on something that was a lemon, they rush right to their computer and utilize the modern technology available (Al Gore's internet), and tell the whole world what a horrible product that is.

            This makes the "personal reviews" on sites look skewed towards indicating that the product is a bad product overall. When, in reality, if you could hear what EVERY ONE of the thousands of people who buy that product thinks about the product, the bad "personal reviews" would, in most cases, be meaningless.

            That is just my analytical look at "personal reviews."


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              Dave, I think you mean WW mags right? I know for a fact that mags like consumer reports buys all products themselves from stores. they do not accept items from anyone else. Also, they do put the stuff through real world testing. Now, they may only be able to test one item, but if that one items is good, it is probably an indicator of QC in the whole process.

              All I know is, I like my Ridgdi stuff, both corded and cordless. (cept for the bandsaw, just because the riser is so $$)


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                Mike, I was primarily refering to WW magazines but CR may also have some shortcomings. They run tests on everything under the sun there so I sometimes wonder if their tests aren't a little too general in nature. Overall though, CR does do a very good job. I actually purchaed my DeWalt drill/driver on the recommendation of a CR test.

                [ 10-14-2004, 08:36 PM: Message edited by: Badger Dave ]
                I decided to change calling the bathroom the "John" and renamed it the "Jim". I feel so much better saying I went to the Jim this morning.


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                  I love my Ridgid cordless kit and I believe the 18v drill is WAY BETTER than the DeWalts and Milwaukees - and YES I HAVE used them all. I'd take the ridgid any day. If only I could get more batteries here in Canada. Anyone want to trade 3 brand new DeWalt 18v XR+ batteries for some Ridgid 18v batteries? Please?


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                    Any review is subject to a certain amount of opinion...even from magazines. It's possible that "politics" are a factor in the rankings, but I can still get useful information if the reviewer states how the evaluation was done, how each tool performed, what his or her opinions were of the tool, plus all the pertain objective facts.

                    The problem with reviews from amateurs IMO is lack of objectivity, experience or a combination of both. Many times when someone upgrades a tool or buys for the first time, the natural response is elation. In many cases that "feeling" would have been the same regardless of the brand they chose, assuming that basic features and quality levels were met. How many Epinion ratings have you read that were "5 stars" with all the rating options pegged to the positive, with no cons listed whatsoever? Hey, nothings perfect....I'd get far more from a review that was objective and complete.


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                      Well---if the Troll theory is try, why is it that the vast majority of poor tool performance here is on cordless products? Just a thought!

                      As to ww'ing mag reviews, I look at it this way, if two different mags give the same tool thumbs up, I'd tend to think it was worth a look. I think you can also tell a great deal about how valid a review is by the tests performed as well. I have to crack up, where I read the review and tests, and the mag's conclusion doesn't even follow what their tests showed.

                      As to Consumers' Reports, while I subscribe and follow their recommendations on cars, appliances, electronics, etc., I've found their tool reviews really lacking. As often as not, they recommend some brand notorious for having a short life span or questionable quality of performance.


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                        I've had mixed reviews on the Ridgid cordless tools at my store. Some people have tried them and went back to their Dewalts and some say they love them. I know that just about every person who I have sold a 12V. 82001 drill to has had nothing but praise for it.
                        The thing is, that this is a business of old companies that have been around for a long time. So Ridgid isn't just going to come in a gobble up a huge market share right away. Dewalt is still the leader in pro power tools. but they have also got the biggest amount of defectives in my RTV cage. That doesn't mean their tools are junk though. I would say that half of the returned powertools I get back are either mistreated or misused.
                        A lot of the problems with Ridgid is the service and parts availability. THat is slowly changing and TTI is working to get more service centers. meanwhile, atleast at my store, I will keep doing whatever it takes to take care of the customers problems.


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                          Hi Jeff - It's nice to hear an insider's perspective. The highest number of defective tools in your cage should belong to the company that sells most. How is Ridgid's defect "rate" compared with DeWalt, Milwaukee, Makita, etc.?


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                            Just remember the old addage that a satisfied customer will tell a couple of friends but a dissatisfied customer will preach it to the whole world.

                            You should take everything with a grain of salt.


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                              And to add to what Jeff and Sgt. B' said-----a dissatisfied customer, who can't get parts will broadcast it on an HBO special.