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Stuck Porter Cable biscuit joiner blade

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  • Stuck Porter Cable biscuit joiner blade

    I bought a porter cable biscuit joiner a couple months ago. This is the first time that I need to changed the blade to the 2" FF blade. For the life of me, I can't seem to get the 4" blade to loosen from the joiner. I am starting to bend the allen wrench before I decided to stop.

    Anyone else ran into this problem w/ their porter cable 557 buicuit joiner?

    Should I return this to amazon and get a new one?

    - J

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    Howdy JIP

    There are a couple of possibilities here. Hopefully, the first won't seem condescending. You may have left handed threads, and I'm not really familiar with the Porter Cable Biscuit Cutter so I won't be presumptuous either. Provided, you do know the direction you are turning is correct, You may be able to insert the allen wrench into the center screw and wrap it quickly with a hammer to break the bugger free. It may have come from the manufacturer somewhat loose and when you put it to use on the first piece, it could have over tightened itself.
    Hope this helped. GL and have fun woodworking!!!!
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