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18V combo rebate question

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  • 18V combo rebate question

    I may bite the bullet and get the 4 piece 18V combo. I'm considering getting this from homedepot or maybe ebay. My question is, if I get this combo from ebay, will I still be eligable for the free battery and jigsaw?

    I know it wouldn't be valid if I bought used, but several companies (they make a big deal about the sales tax if you are in their state), have it listed much cheaper than HD. As long as I stay away from used or refurbs, I ought to still get the rebate, right???

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    As long as the company you buy from on ebay is a registered RIDGID distributor, I can't see why you shouldn't qualify. Don't you have to mail in a copy of your receipt with the rebate form? Not sure how you'd be able to do that with an ebay purchase.
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      You may want to make sure that whoever you buy from still has the UPC's on the boxes. I've heard some sellers purchase the products, cut off the UPC labels to get whatever promotion is going, and then sell the original item as NEW - UNOPENED... on ebay for instance.


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        Go for the gold man i get it from HD. That way you know for sure you're getting the "real" thing and not taking a chance with "black market" goods. not to mention you'll have the receipt which you need for the rebate/promotion. And one other IMPORTANT'll have the full 3 year warranty.