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My first complaint about my 3650

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    I don't know if the conversation is still on teh bolts or not, but i just got done doing adjustments on my 3612 a few weeks back. I only needed a socket on the back and when I did the front, I went in from the back with an opened/boxed wrench. Other than needing to hold a flashlight with one hand so i could see, i had no problems.


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      Originally posted by Badger Dave:
      Harbor Freight currently has a 1" dial indicator on sale for $7 and the magnetic base is also on sale for $7. I saw this in the in-store flyer I got in the mail so I don't know if you can get these prices at their website. For $14 it's not a bad deal, the dial indicator is very accurate.
      Ditto - it's a great deal. Used for years and it is accurate
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        Didn't make it to HF over the weekend. Stayed home and sold my Radial Arm Saw instead. Got 75.00 out of it. [img]smile.gif[/img]

        Plan on heading down this weekend for sure. I will have money to spend... Last weekend I would have had to put it on credit...

        evil evil credit.


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          I was looking forward to your thoughts on the classic HF. I wasn't all that impressed when I walked in, but maybe it's cuz I conditioned myself not to like what I saw.. lol.

          For cheap hand tools like wrenches and all, I've been quite happy with them though.

          Let us know when you get a chance to get out there.