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EB4424 deal and a question

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  • EB4424 deal and a question

    Ok, first, my buddy was at his local HD (Pembroke Pines, FL) and saw the EB4424 for $130. He called me since he thought it was a good price, I agreed and he picked one up for me (Ok, it's a gloat). He said they have several in stock (both the new orange and the old grey) if anyone is interested.

    But, I also have a question. The sanding drums are being discounted (say $1.00 per pack) by my local HD. But, the HD is also getting the new ones in (@ $239). So, if they're not going to carry the drums anymore should I still pick it up or should I return it? Is there anywhere else to get the drums?


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    By 'drums' do you mean the rubber cores or the sandpaper sleeves? If it is the sleeves I just picked up a bunch in 80/120/180 grits from a Canadian company and if we have them here I am sure you have them there, but they ship to US if you are interested...
    Royce Sales


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      Thanks. I haven't found the sandpaper that would fit, but I have only tried a few places.

      Thanks again