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  • wet/dry vacuums

    I am going to purchase a wet/dry vac during the next few days. Does anyone here have one of Rigids?

    Any input about Rigid or any other brand would be appreciated. Also would like to know the country of manufacture of the ones mentioned. I have narrowed my search down to one model in each of three brands but would like to hear some unbiased opinions from people who use their equipment and not from salesmen or ad men.

    Thanks in advance.
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    I have 3 ...
    * older Craftsman 12 Gallon (made by Emerson, same as Ridgid WD1200)
    * new 12 Gallon Ridgid (WD12450)
    * Fein Mini Turbo

    The older Craftsman is taller and louder than the new Ridgid and it is now my saw dust collection vac in my basement shop. I had made an adapter for it out of a PVC elbow so I can use Shop-Vac brand bags for drywall dust, and have found that a bag works better for the saw dust as well.

    The shorter new Ridgid is out in my garage. A bag can be adapted to it as well with PVC fittings, but it does not work as well as the taller Craftsman. My only complaint was that the cord was too short (16'), so I ordered a replacement 20' cord for a 16 Gallon vac.

    Gore Clean Stream Filter Elements are a MUST and they offer a version for both the Craftsman and Ridgid Vacs. However, the Craftsman version WILL fit the Ridgid.

    The Fein Mini Turbo is my favorite of the 3. It is super quiet, and has a really long & flexible 1-1/4" hose and came with an almost complete set of accessories. As small as it is, it is not suitable for saw-dust or drywall dust collection. It has a good filter, but must be used with a bag. The Fein bags are kind of expencive, but I have found that the cheaper Shop-Vac brand Drywall Dust bags fit and are almost as heavy-duty as the Fein bags.

    Fein also makes 2 or 3 larger vacuums that have 2" hoses for the serious woodworker. They are 2-3 times the cost of a Ridgid, but are in a whole different league.


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      Thanks Dougmac,

      I'm not famaliar with the Fein brand so will have to do some investigating. Your input is really appreciated.
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        FEIN is a German company that has been producing quality equipment for over 130 years. The vacuums are made in Italy.

        Their web site ...

        A couple of web tool stores that carry Fein ...
        I have done business with both of these and have been very pleased with their service. At the moment, Coastal has the better prices ...
        6 GAL Mini-Turbo ... $145.00
        9 GAL Turbo II ... $239.00
        14.5 GAL Turbo III ... $279.00
        As you can see by the prices, they don't even attempt to compete with Ridgid, Craftsman, or ShopVac.



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          I have the Ridgid WD1245, 12 gal, 5 Peak HP shop vac. It is made in Canada. It comes with the 2-1/2" x 7 foot flexible hose, 2-extension wands, wet nozzle, floor, brush, and car nozzles and a Microban treated filter. The 12 gal container is fitted with a thread drain cap and four hooded casters.

          Suction wise, it seems to me that it is quite powerful and in using it in the cellar shop, I've seen it suck the paint off the concrete floor. (Maybe I should have used better paint!). While not exactly quiet it is certainly less noisey than my old Craftsman shop vac and even my wife's fairly new Dirt Devil Upright.

          I bought two of these just before Christmas when my local HD had a special and they were priced at $30! A real bargain considering their normal $70 price.



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            Okay, I would highly recommend any of the Ridgid Vacs. I personally own a 12 gal, 5HP Ridgid and I have no complaints. The casters work well, the hose is a tug along, and all the accessories store nicely on the vac.
            My friend and I do a bit of handyman work. He recently bought the Ridgid mini, 4 gal, 5HP. It kicks butt! We work in a lot of older homes with narrow staircases and this thing is sooooo easy to get up and down the stairs. Only complaint so far is that HD is not stocking the unique 1 7/8" replacement accessories. In two months we've worn out the dust brush and to get a replacement will have to order it from the Ridgid website (for about $7 AND pay a $7 S&H). My uncle bought one of these about a year ago, and he is also very pleased with his...Go for the Ridgid.


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              Thanks for the replys.

              I went with the 90L650A SHOP VAC. It has a 14 gal stainless steel tank with a 6.5 HP motor. The hose is a very flexible 12' with a screw on locking device. It has an 18ft cord with a nice on board tool container. It also came with a 5 year warranty and was made right here in the USA.

              It came with a nice industrial metal tool accessory kit. Put it together tonight and used it on a dry pick up job. It was very quiet as was advertised in its literature, and I think it will be a nice addition to my shop.
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                I have an older model, about 5-6 years old now. It is I think 6.5H and has great suction. It converts to a leaf blower which I use every fall and it does a pretty good job too.

                I do not like some things about it though. The hose is stiff and hard to work with. The attachments fall off easily unless you bang them on, then it is a huge PITA getting them apart. Also the cord is pulling out of the housing. I hate when that happens. Is it so hard to put a knot on the cord inside the housing? One other thing. This unit is LOUD! I mean REAL LOUD! In fact Ridgid makes a muffler for it, sold seperately of course. [img]tongue.gif[/img]

                I recently had my lifetime warrantied miter saw replaced and was told that I can likely get a free replacement vac. The repair center said that they had so many of these come back that they had the whole dumpster filled with these things sometimes. They said Ridgid did not consider them worth fixing and always sends replacements. I plan to take the vac down there in the next few days for replacement. I am figuring the new product is likely much improved, just like the new miter saw appears to be much better. We will see.

                I don't know how the newer vacs are, but would prob not buy another Ridgid vac like the one I have.


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                  I know this is a little late in coming, but I did take my vac in and got a replacement. As with the miter saw, this is much improved over the original. The problems that annoyed me with the first vac seem to have been addressed and taken care of. It has a bigger motor and is just all-around of better quality. It is not a recon, but a brand new unit. It is hard to believe that they would rather send me a new one then to replace the cord. I'm not complaining though. Kinda sad that my old vac went to the landfill, since it still worked just fine.

                  Ridgid is OK by me.