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Tablesaw - is 240 better than 120 volt

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  • Tablesaw - is 240 better than 120 volt

    Hi I'm new to this forum, and glad to be here.
    This site looks great. I have a question.
    I recently purchaced a new Hybrid cabinet tablesaw with a 120/240 convertible motor.I'm wondering if it's worthwhile doing the conversion.Aside from drawing half the amps.,are there other benefits with respect to power etc. Any feedback would be appreciated.
    Thanks. Walker1

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    In theory, if your 120v circuit is capable of delivery 100% of the required power to the motor there should be no advantage to switching. That said, there are losses through the wires, and our power grid is not 100% stable, meaning there are drops in voltage which cause extra amp draw, heat and power loss to your motor. By switching to 240v, a 7 volt drop at your outlet is a much lower percentage drop than it is at 120v, so the added amp draw and associated heat increase to the motor is also lower...thus the advantage of 240v.


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      I’m not speaking from experience because my TS is still wired for 120V, but this topic has been covered extensively on these forums. It appears the most noticeable difference is that the TS ramps up to speed much quicker, you hit the switch and bang it’s there. There are also many claims of increased power but I personally believe that this is more of a perceived gain then actually realized. As Heywood explained, in theory there should be no difference but due to the external uncontrollable variables 240V gets the nod but it typically would be a minimal increase. One benefit is that if you have limited power available to your shop, it will free up power to run a DC or another tool simultaneously with your TS.