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  • Ridgid band saw

    I would like to hear from owners of the Ridgid 14" bandsaw. Good or bad. Vibration, power, noise and blade guide holders and adjustment and stability. TIA

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    No Ridgid band saw owners?


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      I-9, you most likely will have more success and also find more responses if you do a Search on the Ridgid bandsaw. This topic comes up all the time so I'm sure there is a wealth of knowledge in the archives. Don't take it personally that you didn't receive a bunch of replies immediately. It's just that for subjects like this one, that keep coming up over and over again, sometimes people just don't feel like posting the same response one more time. Again, it's nothing personal.

      Probably the most valuable tool on this and many other forums is the search feature. It also is the most under used feature on every single forum that I visit.
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        Hi Badger Dave.....thanks for your thoughtful post. On most other forums I visit the search function is not worth much but there is some info on this one. I don't mind answering the same question again as long as it's not the same person asking it over and over. I have a Delta 28-206 14" BS which is turning out to be a lemon despite Delta's CS best efforts to help. Thanks again


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          My Ridgid bandsaw..

          Had a few problems starting out...

          During assembly, set screw on motor pulley was cross threaded or seized.. as soon as I tried to loosen it, it BROKE.. ok.. return the motor, get a new one. NOT MY FAULT.

          Looking to do some resawing, put on a 1/2 basic resaw blade (no riser kit.. yet).. but over tensioned it, causing the rubber wheels to 'squirt' out.. and stretch. MY FAULT. Replaced with urethane wheels (10.95 each from B&D store, tight fit, but worked perfectly) Tracks fine, cuts nicely, now.

          Final fix was to replace the v-belt with a multilink, removed alot of the vibration, too. Trying to find a riser kit, local HD store wants 175 CDN... seems steep.

          Do I regret buying the saw? Meh.. not really. Would I buy it again? Probably not.



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            Welcome to the forum.

            Impressive blog, pretty work!

            Regarding the bandsaw, I dont have the Ridgid. Got an old Craftsman my dad gave me. It "shakes, rattles and rolls" (which, by the way, is right out of my generation) but does cut.

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