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  • Went planer shopping


    Before my message I would like to send Gary (Lorax) a big thanks for the BS1400 riser block he sent. Should work like a charm. Just need some decent 105 1/2" blades.

    I went to look at some planers today so my first stop was Lowes. I rarely go there but they had quite an extensive woodworking tool display. Mostly Delta. They had 4 planers on display; 2 Delta's, one was the 22-580 (2-speed) and 2 Dewalts 734 and 735. The Dewalt seemed to be better designed units and the 755 was definelty a step up in quality and price. With the 3blade cutterhead it seems to really put up the numbers for cpi and the blade lock seemed to be a more positive 4-post locking mechanism.
    I've heard the delta 2speed is not really a big thing, no diff in planing on either speed. Lowes had it for about 425. I can have it to my door for about 270 from amazon with 50 rebate +25 off and free shipping, plus 30 off for using a new amazon credit card.
    The dewalt 734 can be had to my door for about 320 with the same deal except the 50 rebate thing.
    I then go over to the HD to check out the Rigid TP1300. It is a really solid unit that comes with the stand, dust cover and extra blades. They are selling this for 379.00 and with tax it is pushing 400. Do you know that HD is selling the TP1300 on their website for 350.00? but shipping is a killer at 45.00 and they apply tax on the sale and you still have to handle returns through the mail not their retail locations. I wish they would really get big into internet sales. It must be a tough business to make money because most retail locations keep the internet side pretty small for now.

    The TP1300 got good reviews from FWW? tool review 2004. They were second pick after the new dewalt. I think the Ridgid is closer to the Dewalt 734 with the handle on the side and the infeed/outfeed trays seem to be beefier than the Delta. I didn't like the top handles as much on the Delta.

    I like the warranty on the Ridgid especially before the end of the month. On the the woodworking.rec some guy had a 3 year old TP1300 that threw a bolt or something and chewed up the gears/blades and would cost 280.00 to fix. Everybody started with the "i told you so" on the warranty with about 10 posts in a couple of hours. A couple of days later the original poster came back and said Ridgid said manufactureres defect and he got a new machine. Not one more post after that. hehe.

    I will probably go for the Delta because of the 125 diff in base price between the TP1300. Although extra blades 35, dust cover 25, stand 50, plus warranty? Probably equal in the long run. Or maybe the dewalt, not to many negs on them in my reading.

    Any input?