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    Morning All,
    I have a supply of Corian coming to make ZCTP's from. I'm undecided on whether the larger hole in front of the factory plate (the one that lets the plate 'slide' back and forth for changing) is needed. The mounting screw needs to be backed out almost all the way, so it's not much difference if there was only the hole for the mounting screw.
    Your thoughts appreciated.
    Hope this makes sense.
    Poplar Branch Wood Crafts

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    I don't put the 'slider' hole in mine. As you said, the sliding feature on the stock insert just doesn't work that well. Also, most of the time if you're removing the insert you're changing the blade and the guard/splitter will have to come off too- in that case it's no problem to lift the insert straight out.

    I also tried to get away with not putting the lug on the back side of the insert, but my birch plywood didn't stay flat enough for that to work. Maybe with your Corian you can skip that part.
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