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DeWalt vs Ridgid

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  • DeWalt vs Ridgid

    I have been trying to decide between the DeWalt and Ridgid 12v cordless drill. There was lots of information online that said good things about both drills. ( the Ridgid's tendency to smoke worried me, despite Brandman's assurance that that is "normal" ) What finally convinced me was that Home Depot's tool rental department rents out DeWalt cordless drills. I am never going to be as rough on my tools as a rental dept will be, but since they have access to any drill they want, and they chose the DeWalt,despite the cost advantage to using their own brand, so did I !

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    its up to the district tool rental manager as to what tools they rent. Usually, with portable power tools, they try to rotate it through the vendors to be fair, I.E. one store my have Makita, another may have Dewalt, another yet my have Bosch.
    Considering that Ridgid just came out a couple months ago, probably only the newest stores/tool rentals would have them, if they did.


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      perhaps you should look at the Hilti SF-121A

      AWESOME 12V cordless. a little pricy but WELL worth the money!!!!!


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        Dewalt makes nice stuff. The fact they rent DW really has nothing to do with which is better though. Try an X2 if you get a chance them things are beastly.


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          Home Depot is a pretty successful business so I would think that there is a sound business reason for the decisions they make. You have to know the Ridgid Marketing guys want the Ridgid tools in the rental department. The bean counters must want the rental tools to be Ridgid because they cost less ( since its a house brand . Despite all that, both of the Home Depots here use DeWalt. I have to think that the decision was made for either customer satisfaction, or operating costs/durability or both. Either way, I considered it a strong vote for the DeWalts and a serious blow to Ridgid.


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            Originally posted by Benthic2:
            I considered it a strong vote for the DeWalts and a serious blow to Ridgid.

            HD has been renting Dewallys & other brands for years. The Ridgid equivalents have only been available for a few months, and the "bean counters" would not want to throw away millions of dollars worth of rental stock just to switch colors.

            In your 4 post, 2 day history of slamming Ridgid on their own forum, you have made it clear that we can color you "yellow". Perhaps your enthusiasm might better be shared on a "yellow" forum?


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              Well, Mark IV-----having been here a heck of a sight longer than you, let me say with equal conviction, while I disagree with Benthic's conclusions, I'm really getting tired of this new crop of people who take any negative comment as unholy Ridgid-Bashing.

              Now as to what HD's or any rental place carries, there IS a great deal of consideration of what tools have the fewest returns for performance problems, as well as which tools can take the abuse given by renters. A rental operation would be purely stupid to bring in tools based on anything but economical performance, with low maintenance and solid construction.

              On the other hand, the Ridgid hand power tools are entirely too new to expect them to show up in a rental center---as was pointed out, they're not about to dump off an entire inventory of tools to make way for a brand new line----now, this time next year or even by the end of next summer, if you don't see any of the new Ridgid tools in the rental center----then, maybe you could make those conclusions.


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                Mark: I would hardly call my posts "slamming" Ridgid. I don't know enough about them to say anything good or bad. That is why I am here, to find out what people who have experience with them think about them. Unfortunately, it seems like there are very few people who can be objective about this topic. It almost seems as if some of the people here would rather you said something bad about their girlfreind, mother or country than insult thier choice of power tool. I merely used this forum to pass on the observation that the HD tool rental folks used something other than Ridgid. I thought it was significant. The fact that the brand is so new and switching to Ridgid would require the disposal of the current rental equipment and therefor be cost prohibitive is a very valid point. As someone said, what is in the rental dept. 6 - 12 months from now may be more significant. That kind of exchange is what makes a forum like this so valuable. An idea is brought up, added to, counter arguments presented etc. A forum full of Ridgid Lovers repeatedly proclaiming their Ridgid Love would be neither useful nor entertaining. Perhaps you should start a new topic for "Ridgid Cheerleaders Only"


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                  You don't see me challenging substantive posts questioning actual Ridgid issues. Service, smoke, flex, or DOA issues can be real and they are for the Ridgid brand people to handle as they see fit. One well-known contributor has been vocal about certain disappointments, and I would like to see them addressed as much as anyone. I just haven't had any of my own, yet.

                  On the other hand, there a LOT of new handles with 1-4 posts, taking some quick cheap shots and then disappearing. Usually these are of the puerile "rigid sux" ilk, but start with some marginally plausible complaint. I think we know who some of them are, given recent unpleasantness of a similar type. Since "real" new folks do show up, it is nice to see some positives about this generally impressive new line from someone besides the moderators. There are probably also a few things they would like to say, but can't....

                  I know you have been addressed elsewhere for perceived (new) Ridgid criticisms, but not by me. Whatever your opinions, they usually center on a definable product issue. We differed on the global-economy issue as I recall, but little else(?). Anyway, if you think the trolls are a voice that needs to be heard, well, here they are along with the rest of us, getting their say.

                  As for your length of time on the board, whatever... I didn't fall to earth, nor discover the internet, in 2003. I am here to learn about woodworking and Ridgid tools, and I don't like chickens#!t trolls. That is all. Please carry on.


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                    MarkIV----I think, in fairness, the low-posters also include a very nasty bunch of "Ridgid--right or wrong---God love Ridgid" posters who attack anyone with an opposing view. That was what I was referring to.

                    For example, I too had a ww'ing life before getting on this board---about 40 years worth, yet I get told I have no right to an observation/point of view.

                    I know you've been hear before this started and probably don't like it any better than I do. But will say by accusing someone of being a Ridgid basher can be preceived as falling in with what are quickly becoming the "cultists".

                    Hoping we can return to less objectionable attitudes, as that's one reason I've stayed here.


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                      Personally I feel that it should not matter when you joined. I have only joined recently and the only reason is because of the new Ridgid Power Tools. Had ridgid not introduced this line I would not be here and that is probally true for alot of the new members. I feel that any person has the right express their point of view both good and bad about ridgid. Furthermore, their point of view should be accepted. You do not have to agree but you can accept it. In addition just because you are new, only have a few post, or perhaps even say something negative about Ridgid does not mean you are a troll and certainly does not need any response that is negative towards the person. If you disagree with the post, then ask questions as to why that person has that feeling not jump to conclusions and trash the individual. One other thing to consider and this goes to all people who swear that one brand is the best. That is idiotic to say that no matter what you like no matter what you use some Brand of tools are better then others in certain catagories. Who makes the best Jig Saws? Recip Saws? Circ Saws? Cordless? Historically and if you asked a large number of people and based it on sales one would probally say Jig= Bosch, Recip= Mil. Circ= Makita and Cordless=DeWalt. Now does not mean that is your personal favorite? NO. Does that mean that Makita makes sh$%y Cordless? NO. Does that mean that Ridgid makes no good tools? NO. They just need some time to prove themselves. Will Ridgid own all these catagories in a year, or five years? Probally not but possible. Finally does that mean that Bosch has the best jig saw now? NO. they jsut have had some good ones in the past and that is what people precive. Nough said


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                        HD doesn't use Ridgid in the rental shop? NO KIDDING!

                        The Ridgids have been flying off the shelves, they can't get enough stock and have extended the lifetime warranty purchase period to Jan 31.

                        Don't expect to see Ridgid rentals anytime soon. The HD customer will get first crack at these tools.


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                          Perhaps I should have announced my intentions up-front. I don't plan on being a long term contributor/reader of this bulletin board. I am researching an upcoming purchase. Once that purchase is made, I don't want to have to think about my drill again until it needs service or replacement. ( hopefully, that's a long time ! ) I just want to go about my work knowing if I want a hole or a screw somewhere, I can put one there. If I have to put much more thought than that into my drill, I bought the wrong one. There have been quite a few very informative postings here that have been really helpful in deciding on a drill. There also seems to be quite a few people who appreciate an alternate viewpoint and realize that often you can learn more from someone you disagree with, than from someone you agree with. And then there are people who's best response to a comment that they don't like is to call the poster a "chicken@#$% troll" I'm sure that is exactly the kind of intelligent and insightful commentary Ridgid was hoping for when they set up this forum.

                          Thanks to most of you for taking the time to share your experiences.