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Stolen tools-How bad have you been hit?

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  • Stolen tools-How bad have you been hit?

    Milwaukee sawzall
    Airy slant-track finish nailer
    Porter Cable Bammer slant tract finish nailer
    Senco Framing nailer
    Makita 12" compound miter
    18V Makita 3 piece combo
    Porter Cable recip saw
    Binks Mach1 HVLP gun w/2.5 gal tank
    6' fiberglass ladder w/rungs on both sides
    an import grinder with a diamond blade that was worth twice what the grinder cost

    I may update if repressed memories appear.

    Not counting hammers, tape measures and stuff worth less than $25 per.

    Somebody top it and make me feel better.

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    One occasion
    Ford F-150 Truck containing the following
    Super Sawzall
    1/2 Magnum Drill
    3/4 Hole Hawg Dril
    4pack 18vlt
    12" mitre(used only 4 times)
    Senco Framing Nailer, Brad Nailer
    Emglo Duel Tank Compressor
    Coleman 4500 Watt generator
    Louisville ladder
    Fein vacuum
    & $500 of hand tools

    ****Now I have a windowless van with a super high tech alarm.....

    I also have a good policy with pitures and serials #'s of all items....Some of this stuff was recovered by the police....take pictures of all your stuff every year and get a policy if you own a home...or replacement policy for money I've spent..

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      I don't have anything to report, but I did want to send my condollences. 3 things I can't stand
      • Liars</font>
      • Cheats</font>
      • Thieves</font>

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        Just to clarify, this is over a period of time and not recently.

        I was just curious who else had been bit.

        Stealing is bad enough, but when you hit a man's livelihood, you crossed a second line.

        Stealing my stereo isn't the same as stealing my tools.


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          I too have no time for certain kinds of vermon that appear to be human but a thief is the lowest of the low. Even a bottom feeder looks down on a thief.

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          I decided to change calling the bathroom the "John" and renamed it the "Jim". I feel so much better saying I went to the Jim this morning.


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            I can't top either of those lists but I still have one that tees me off every time I think about it:

            It was my Bosch laminate trimmer kit and the bits that were in the case. Problem was it wasn't just laminate trimming bits that I had in the case but about $350 worth of other router bits that I had thrown in the day before to take to a job. Why did I do that