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Craftex Router Bits?????

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  • Craftex Router Bits?????

    Hi All.
    Just want to ask you guys, if any of you have used the router bits marketed by Craftex?
    Are they a good choise for a bigginger to buy, because that seem to be priced a lot cheeper than the Frued bits that I have seen at my local home depot.
    You can have a look at the Craftex bits in the router bits section at

    Thanks All, and have a nice weekend.

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    Grayskin - Craftex is a Canadian company that doesn't do business in states. Craftex is owned by the brother of the man who owns Grizzly and Shop Fox. They have non competition agreements with each other. You might get more experience input about these bits from the site.


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      Thanks for the info, :Knot Me" I will take a look at that link.

      Thanks All.