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  • Good service experience

    A while back a relative was plaining some rough sawn oak planks from an old barn using my ridgid 13" planer. He started a board through the planer and all of the sudden something broke and the feed stopped. Turns out a gear had snapped. We took the planer to the authorized service center we bought it (refurbished) from. The repairman looked at it, confirmed it was a broken gear and took it into the back. Ten minutes later he hauled it back out and said it was fixed, loaded it on our truck, said he would bill the part to ridgid, and to have a good day. What service!

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    Now that is SERVICE!!!! Way to go Ridgid. A few more of these kind of stories and I might buy that 3650
    Rev Ed


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      Today while at home depot(University, Charlotte, NC) i saw a ts3650 on display. I gave it the old front to back sway test, and to my surprise it swayed. My ts3650 at home is rock solid, i dont know what the HD display problem is. As far as the general ridgid display, all of the tools loked good, real good considering it was a home depot display!