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Consumer Reports Drill tests

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  • Consumer Reports Drill tests

    The May issue of Consumer Reports tests three Ridgid drills. Two 14.4 v,and one 12v (non x-2).
    They did pretty well. They said the 14.4v Ridgid drills have the power of an 18v. They ranked second and third (Panasonic was first), The 12v non x-2 was first in the 12v class.
    They said that while these drills have great torque,they pay for it in shorter run time than other brands,but also the shortest charge time.
    Perhaps Ridgid should design new batteries with a longer runtime,like Panasonic has.
    Not bad though for tools that have been on the market for a few months.
    I have found that Consumer Reports tool tests often leave alot to be desired.
    If anybody knows of any other Ridgid tools that have been tested,please let me know.

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    The X2 batteries have a longer run time. If you want longer run time get those batteries. A little weight comes with those batteries and I prefer the non X2 12V.

    I would bet the panasonic that rated ahead was way more expensive than the non-X2 ridgids.