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  • TS 3650 top

    I recently purchased a TS 3650 (October 13) and suddenly the top has "freckles"
    I assume the freckles are a form of oxidation from Vancouver's damp air
    How the heck do I clean the top?
    My old saw (a Delta) could be cleaned with rust remover but I can't get these spots out

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    Try scotchbrite pads with WD40, if they are really stubborn you can use your ROS on the pad just make sure the pad is not soaked with enough WD40 to get the hook and loop pad wet. When clean wipe it down and apply two coats of Johnson's paste wax.


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      Are these freckles rust colored or black? Recently I've had some black dots form on my jointer and table saw and I can't remove them. The suggestion to use WD40 and scotch brite pad is a good way to remove rust the rust and not harm the surface. I only use rust remover to clean up badly rusted tools. It will leave the surface black which is extremely hard to remove and should be left alone. It's actually some protection from further rusting. Paste wax (not car wax) works but Boeshield is easier to apply and is extremely protective against rust.


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        The surface of my ridgid jointer and craftsman band saw got wet just a little during Katrina (hole in my garage roof) and the surface had some light rust. When I cleaned it with steel wool and WD the rust came off but the black spots remained. Surface is slick but stained so I have decided to let it alone.