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18V vs 14.4 X2

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  • 18V vs 14.4 X2

    I need a new cordless drill. I'm not a pro, I'll just use it occasionally. What will be the performance difference between a standard 18v model and a 14.4 X2. What would you guys get?

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    Depends on what you are using it for. Is it your only drill or do you have an electric?

    As a homeowner, I find that for most heavy drilling, cordless drills don't cut it. (Compare the power of any Ridgid corded and cordless). And I always have electricity nearby.

    I use a cordless for driving screws and light drilling. So the compact size is of interest to me. I bought the 12V compact and found it to be a very good drill/driver. I have been tempted by the X2, but they are 2" longer than mine and almost 2 lbs heavier. I see them as drills and mine as a driver.

    The compact weight and size is nice for driving screws in tight areas. And the fast charge on the battery (20 min) means that you will never be out of power.

    The only thing I don't like about the compact Ridgid is that the chuck is not as strongly connected to the body as the X2 is. The X2 chuck/clutch is held quite tightly to the body with 4 screws. The compact is not. Pick up a compact model, hold the drill in one hand, and try to move the chuck laterally, up and down. You will see a fair bit of movement and quite a bit of play. This is disconcerting and not noticeable in the similar DeWalts, Makitas, etc. It is in the design. All the compacts have it.

    The other thing that would interest me about the X2 is the so called "HC" battery, although I have not been able to find out how many more amp-hours it contains than the compact batteries. The TTI/Ridgid rep told me that both models use that same battery and that the HC is the only one that can be bought aftermarket. The HC may be a marketing ploy in favor of the X2.

    To summarize, as a drill/driver my 12V compact;
    1. Is quite powerful - able to drive a screw clean through a 2x4
    2. Will never run out of battery power (20 min charge)
    3. Has a light weight and feel.

    The 18V compact will outperform the 14.4 X2 with less weight. The compact line is great for the homeowner. A contractor would probably appreciate the X2's dual, air cooled charger, tougher design, carbide chuck, and longer battery life. And would probably be willing to put up with the extra weight, length, and cost.

    Hope this helps. [img]tongue.gif[/img]


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      There certainly is a difference between the HC batterys and the standard battery.
      Just looking at them will tell you that the HC pack has longer cells in it.
      The HC pack is a 2amp pack, and the standard pack is 1.7amps. (though someone else on the site posted 1250?) so I could be wrong on the standard pack.
      Both packs have the venting, however only the 2x chargers pump air through the packs. Its worth noting though that the standard batterys hardly get warm to the touch when charging, even without venting.