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  • Orange!- Should have chose color of money

    I was in the market for a cordless combo pack and stopped by HD. The Ridgid lifetime warranty was appealing but what was their box was not. "Made in China" It's not because Chinese labor is needed because they have the small fingers needed to build such precision tools. It's all about money. In high end tool sets such as ridgid's the profit margin is considerably higher than say black & decker. Sending Ridgid's production overseas and paying 20 cents an hour only boosts that margin. So don't be fooled how reasonably priced Ridgid is.
    It looks like if you want a combo pack made in the U.S. you better buy it from a Japanese Company-Makita, but the flashlight is made in China. Milwaulkee's saws are made in the U.S. Dewalt is slowly migrating to Mexico. Skil's circular saw is made in the U.S.

    Note to Ridgid,
    I will not buy your sweat shop labor made tools no matter what color it is! Get people's attention by making it here, that would be different!

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    Originally posted by jjb:
    It's not because Chinese labor is needed because they have the small fingers needed to build such precision tools.
    I don't think anyone thinks anything of the sort. Everyone knows it's all about money. What are you going to do? As you've acknowledged, all manufacturers are looking or have already got shops elsewhere for cheaper labor. It hurts everyone to lose American jobs, but that's what companies do to remain successful.

    If you want to buy American you'd better buy everything now or get active in politics to stop what's happening. Writting about it on a website isn't going to cut it.


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      JJB, you're whole take on the tools is realy quite funny. Do you actually think that these tools which ae marketed by the big companies are really made in the US, or just assembled here using a variety of components made from various companies overseas? IMO, American factory workers take no more pride than anyone else when building things on an assembly line. In fact, many comapnies (like the one I used to work for) move their companies to southern states so they can get cheap labor that is non union and close to minimum wage. How much pride do these people take in dropping a pile of gears into a plastic housing?

      I'm better satisfied that the companies raking in the $$ are American owned companies, and that the money we all spend on the tools is staying in the American tax and payroll system.


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        Couldn't agree more Mike. Until or unless day ever comes we willing to work for real chaep it'll be sent from across the waters. If we agree somehow to work for "real cheap" we never could afford to buy stuff made here anyway now - could we? Oh sure-let the banks take back everything and we start naked and fresh and debt free and ..... so it "ain't gonna happen".
        Best of worst is we keep as much in way of greenies here and in system. Whatever it takes to do that I guess.
        So - make 'em pink. Change color of money to pink even to match. Just don't go raising my share of taxes anymore please.....I figure I finally get "free" about June 5th-7th and from then on it's mine to spend and not Uncle's to waste on whatever.Well - we know there gonna be a few more days added due to the conflicts and all ..... but it something I guess worthy of extra days at that.
        All I know is I rember growing up. Divorced parents. Mom made .25/hour. Then .35/hour. Rent was $20/mo in small town. Help came from Grandparents in form of free farm food (chickens-duck-etc.) Wasn't easy but even there we made it somehow. Think because we got to keep maybe 90% of it.

        Man - that wasn't really that many years ago...late '50's at that.

        This is truly OT post I guess. Just thinking out loud
        Wish I had the answers ..... even half of \'em


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          Originally posted by jjb:
          "Made in China" It's not because Chinese labor is needed because they have the small fingers needed to build such precision tools.

          Another prejudiced stereotype!

          I remember the US Navy in WWII thought that the Japanese had poor eyesight and couldn't fight at night!

          The US Navy soon found out how good they were at the Battle of Coral Sea.


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            Wrong indeed!
            The first batch of Navy pilots the japenese had in ww2 had such good eyesight they were trained to see stars in the sky during the day, and were able to spot formations of planes from insane distances.