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Brandman, 5" ROS

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  • Brandman, 5" ROS

    Do you have any comments on my previous post, "Ridgid 5" ROS Junk? I hope you may have some insight on this, as I will purchases another one (putting it to the same test) if you think that maybe I got a bad one.

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    I'm not Brandman, but here's my 2've 90 days to exchange as many times as you want, so instead of guessing if it's faulty or not I'd take it back for credit, buy another and see if it's any better. If not, get yourself a Bosch since you already have a PC!


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      The 5" ROS is not junk - promise. Could you have a bad one... Its possible. Could more than likely be that the assembly is out of balance. This is vitally important for a sander to "run smooth."

      My suggestion - take us up on our 90 Day satisfaction warranty. Take the tool back to Home Depot and please get another one.