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Ridgid Circular Saw Kicks Butt & Takes Names

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  • Ridgid Circular Saw Kicks Butt & Takes Names

    Woohoo! I just got home with my brand new Ridgid Circular Saw - the R3200. Man, it is one nice feeling tool.

    The construction seems to be very solid. The feel is awesome in your hands, very comfortable.

    I have a lesser quality Skilsaw 5275.05 already, but I just couldn't help myself. The new Ridgid corded tools are so cool.

    Some of my favorite features include... The base of the saw is a nice, 1/8 inch thick platform. Very nice. Depth and bevel adjustment is performed via a couple levers which operate by hand - no tools. The blade installation and removal is a breeze with the allen wrench stored in the unit itself and a button to lock the blade rotation.

    Oh, and one of my favorite decisions that the Ridgid folks made - something that they are really serious about competing in the hardcore tool market - ALL of their corded and cordless hand tools come with a case to store it in. And I am not talking about some cheapo dorky think. I am talking about a solid case, even has metal latches to hold it shut.

    And of course the standard 12-foot cord and lighted plug as well.

    Anyways, I can't wait to get my new circular saw dirty tomorrow remodelling my deck.

    Now I just need to find someone to sell my old Skilsaw too. Gotta sell my Dewalt DW411K 1/4 sheet palm sander too and replace it with the Ridgid version. Woohoo!!!

    Ebay, here I come. Contact me if you are interested in the above tools... Both in good shape.

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    Oh yeah, for those folks who are interested, I will be posting more experience details about the saw after I actually get it all dusty tomorrow.

    It's great for a saw to look and feel great. Even better when it performs as well.

    We'll see.......


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      And for my follow up post...

      Even with a little drizzle for a bit of my worktime, I did get some awesome work done on my deck. The Ridgid circular saw did great. No complaints.

      I will make sure to post anything else of use here as time goes on.


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        I also got the Ridgid circular saw and love it. Wasn't wild about the price, but all the other decent ones were the same or more. I used it for Durock and plywood and it cut like butter. Very comfortable and the case and construction is very well made. I also like not having the switch lock like on old circular saws. Mine is already dirty, so the orange color is even less noticeable. I do think the new line is actually better than the yellow, red, blue, or green in other tool brands. PC and Ridgid look the best in my opinion.

        I still haven't seen the TS3650 yet in person and am considering it in the future. I was hoping to see some others posts on actual experiences with the saw before I do. I know there is one review that seems pretty in depth, but was hoping to see others to see differences in opinion.