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18V Cordless Circular Saw RPM's

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  • 18V Cordless Circular Saw RPM's

    I recently bought the RIDGID 4 pack during the sale days. My question is about the RPM of the circular saw. I cut my first piece of wood (thin plywood) this weekend and it seemed to me that the RPM's were way low.....compared to my corded saw...any help or suggestions? Could the saw be defective?


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    The RPM specs are alot lower than a corded saw. Lower than other cordless saws as well.


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      A suggestion to discharege the battery at least three or four more times..put a battery in the drill synch the trigger to the "on" position with a nylon twist tie shove it in a closet..let the battery discharge this three times....then place the battery in the saw....You can also by better circular saw blades at HD which may have better performance.....I think my saw performs fairly well..


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        The spec is 2500 RPM compared to 5800 RPM for the typical corded saw. I just built a loft in my garage to store lumber and cut all the joists, stringers and even ripped full sheets of 7/16 chip board that I used for the walls and ceiling,
        I think the R845 worked great.