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    Smokin Joe

    Not to worry, My powermatic Tablesaw has a lifetime warranty.



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      I added several new Ridgid tools to my inventory this Christmas and I have had no problems yet. (1) A Circ. Saw (corded) (2) A new 1/2 inch corded Drill. I may be an exception, but I have had gooood service from all my Ridgid tools, both stationary and hand. It seems like some people rush to purchase something (or not) just to gripe about it. Rick (the Rad. idealist). Had a good Christmas and New Year - Hope you all did too!


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        Just wanted to clear up the whole Kobalt tool confusion as to who makes them. The original Kobalt wrenches, ratchets, sockets, and breaker bars sold by Lowes were made by JH Williams in Midland, Georgia who is a subsidery of the North America division of Bahco (a Swedish saw blade maker) who is owned by Snap-On. Bahco had more control over the manufacture of these original Kobalt tools than Snap-On did. JH Williams still makes some pretty good quality industrial grade tools for the industry under it's own brand name, though their stuff is rare compared to other brands. Williams has been making tools here in the USA for over a century.

        At the end of 2002 or early 2003 Lowes decided to have the brand of Kobalt shift manufacture to be made by the Danaher Tool Group. Yes they are the group that also makes the post 1994 Craftsman wrenches, ratchets, sockets, and breaker bars for Sears. Danaher Tool Group owns some good old U.S. companies who make some of the best industrial grade tools out there, such as MATCO, Allen, and Armstrong all made in the USA. In fact since Danaher ownes these group of manufacturers it wouldn't suprise me if the newer Kobalt tools are actually made in these foundries.

        While the original Williams made Kobalt tools had a smoother feel and appearance, the newer Kobalt tools are made to the same specs as the original ones and they are still made in the USA. It is still clearly stamped onto each wrench, ratchet, socket, tourqe wrench, and breaker bar.

        Having used Kobalt tools I can say they are good tools. Every bit as good as Craftsman and even competitively priced with Craftsman too. Just my opinion.