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18v combo kits Ridgid vs Milwaukee

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  • 18v combo kits Ridgid vs Milwaukee

    Have been researching for awhile. Decided to go with the Milwaukee when HD had the 20% discount. Salesman at HD told me about the Ridgid lieftime warranty so I ended up with the 4 pc Ridgid. Have used all the tools and have been impressed. The only thing is the drill has about .015" wobble.I will bring it back before the 90 days, but I can't help but wonder if I should have stuck with my first decision and bought the Milwaukee.

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    I went with the Ridgid and haven't looked back since, except to get a 20% price adjustment last weekend [img]smile.gif[/img] . The drill is by far the most used tool in my kit and I've put it to work, with all kinds of drilling and driving aplications, even did some delicate work of putting together my daughters trycicle on christmas eve, and the torque adjustments let me not strip out any of the plastic. I haven't noticed any of the wobble, you mentioned, so maybe your drill came with a loose screw on the chuck or something. Hope every thing works out.



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      I bought the 4 pc Ridgid combo. The drill had noticeable runout - around .015. Took it back and exchanged it and the new one looks fine.


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        I have both sets. I just got the Ridgid. I have the Milwaukee 18 volt set with Hammer Drill, Sawsall and Circular Saw. The batteries are the worst in the industry. They are not covered by thte "Lifetime" warrenty. Of the 4 batteries I have, one pack leaks, even though the service center tells me that is not possible. I had some that need to be jumped off each other before they charge and one that I need to hammer into the charger because it fits so tight. I have a whole collection of power tools with the so called "Lifetime Warrenty" by Milwaukee and it isn't worth the paper it is printed on. The local service center told me that I a corded hammer drill for 2 years and that is a long time for a power tool. (I only used it for about 12 holes when the motor caught on fire). I called Milwaukee and the customer service rep was so shocked by what the service center told me, she gave me to the regional service manager. He gave me a worse time then the service center. He was nice enough to explain that "Lifetime against manufacturing defects" means that if it does't break the first time you use it, then it is not a defect and is your fault. In the end, they reluctantly fixed the drill but the bearing is smoking in it so it is junk. So much for Milwaukee, the brand I used to love.