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"Lifetime" Waranty and HC Batteries

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    I was concerned about the life time warranty also on the cordless drill, but I made sure to pick up one of their sales pamphlets describing the lifetime warranty. It clearly states that the battery packs have a lifetime free replacement. I don't know about Canada though. I'm just adressing the too good to be true.

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      steb is right. See if they have the 12-page Ridgid flyer in the store on the New Ridgid Power Tool Family.

      Turn to page 3, far right, bulleted details of the warranty (if purchased through Dec. 2003).

      4th bullet: "That means free battery packs for life."

      Pretty straightforward. It does go on to remind you to hold on tightly to that proof of purchase. I will.


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        I had a HD employee tell me that the Rigid Lifetime warranty on the Batteries is a one time thing. He explained that they will replace the battery once but after that you are on your own.

        I have two questions:
        1. Is this true that it is one time?

        2. If it is one time, is it for one battery or both?



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          Not to stretch this out, but applying a warranty to a battery is a bit more complex than assuming that, "If it ever fails to hold a charge, it must be defective and therefore should be replaced."

          Batteries have useful lives. The lifespan of storage (rechargeable) batteries is a function of number of cycles, adjusted for rate of discharge, depth of discharge, temperature, charging regimen, and other factors. Even a perfect battery perfectly maintained gives up some of its life every time it is charged.

          What I suspect this means is that, if a battery fails to hold a charge, and if inspection shows that it has been through significantly fewer cycles than it was designed for, it was out of manufacturing spec and will be replaced. What it does not mean is that you have prepaid a lifetime battery replacement service.

          Let's be reasonable, guys.


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            Quoth BrandMan (obviously an authorized speaker for Ridgid, what with him being the appointed moderator of this forum):

            No small print. We have been around for 82 years. You know where to find us... We will support you, and all of our end users.

            Am I the only person left who will take someone at their word? Maybe so...



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              Significant flaw I've mine Dave A.

              I'm a trusting person. Tell me a story, and it becomes history. Tell me a lie, it becomes fact.

              Tell me the truth, and I'm full of doubt.

              What more could you expect from someone who thinks in his sleep about wood and it's grain?

              Batteries such as Makita's, have chips in them now. To regulate witch cell is low/high charge, and regulates the recharger power to that perticular cell. It's beyond rocket science to me on this matter, and I could care less. I charge my batteries about 3 times weekly full cycle. If I get 4 years out of a (2) set batter per tool, I think I'm way ahead. If I get between 1 and 2 years, which I'm experiencing with some of my tools, I need to change brands.

              Before I invest in another brand, I'm waiting for reports of success/failure; Then making my decission. While comparing battery cost/efficiency to replacement cost. It may actually be cheaper to replace off brand batteries as to outputting big $$ up front for highly effective units. (now you know some of the details of my job, and it sucks!)
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                I'm not taking Brandman at his word. I read the warranty and it's pretty explicit. If you don't believe the warranty then don't buy the product. Go get a dewalt. I'm sure they'll stand behind their one year warranty.


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                  I'm completely lost on some of the posts to this particular issue. Now Woody has chipped in, and now I'm even more confused by his statements.

                  The Ridgid brochure states quite clearly, that they will replace battery packs for the life of the tool or even the owner!

                  This is better than any other service warranty out there. Therefore, even if it does not mean what you think it does, it's still better than anything else out there. It's a no-brainer, especially after looking at, and handling these real decent new tools.


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                    Yea, Woody's post confused me too. he says that he needs to get x years out of a pack because it's too expensive to replace, but he seems to be saying that he needs the Ridgid to be tested before he'll switch. Ridgid seems to have taken all the guesswork and comparisons out of battery shopping for now with their warranty, so if I'm in the market for a new drill, it's a no brainer.

                    And to Brandman, we all criticized the flowing orange tools, but now that they're in the store, they look subdued as compared with the pics we were being supplied. Also, many claim they can "feel quality". If that is true, the Ridgid sure would feel like quality. (still think the orange is overkill on stationary tools though)


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                      Dunno what could be "cheaper" than "free battery packs for life".

                      For laughs, I called Ridgid customer service to see whether they had the parts in the system and what they might cost. I asked the nice lady for the part on the motor/gear drive assembly in my new X2 drill (from the exploded parts drawing that's included with the product). There is absolutely nothing wrong with mine, but I thought I would see what might happen if I had a catastrophic failure on the most expensive and vital assembly.

                      The price isn't in the system yet, but the part number with description is. This does not surprise me on a tool that's only been in stores for weeks, but I had to ask, what if I needed that part right now? She replied that either Ridgid, or HD, would just replace the whole tool on the spot.

                      That, to me, is satisfactory. I don't know what more you could really ask, except to have the motor not fail in the first place, and guess what? It hasn't. Life is good.

                      The warranty, including the battery deal, is spelled out in plain English, the people and the store back the product (granted, HD may take a bit of convincing, but that is not unique to Ridgid tools), and the Ridgid service people were at least able to locate the part in the system immediately. I know others have had their past experiences but this appears to be a simple, straight up deal.


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                        Welcome to the forum Eric.
                        Ridgid Woodworking Tools are no longer exclusive to HD, they are available from a number of dealers. See the web site.



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                          well i have been working on cordless tools for 8 years now. the new ridgid x2 sounded like the dewalt with the torque of a milw.thats good. i hope ridge is ready to stand behind ther warranty.everything breaks. well i dont know if we will be a warranty center for your power tools or not.(just threading,draincleaners and a few others at this time) i see hd doing a lot of swapping out.


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                            ericsuro &lt;----- this must be what one of them TROLLS looks like


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                              Th last cordless drill I bought was a 14.4v B&D Firestorm a few years ago. I see that they have changed the design some including the battery. I am seriously looking at the Ridgid cordless drills for a step up from B&D. So my question for Ridgid is what about 5 or 6 years down the road on my 'lifetime' warranty, my Ridgid battery fails. By then the design of the Ridged cordless drills will probably have changed. Will Ridgid be able to replace the out-of-production battery? Or further in the future when there is some new kind of battery that has replaced what we use now? The Marketing gurus may believe in the 'lifetime' warranty but will the Engineering staff be able to follow through?


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                                I'm new to this board but just read through all the comments on the warranty. Let me ask for a bit of clarification on the details. My questions:

                                1. Let's say in 4 years the batteries only hold 60% of their initial charge. What is considered enough of a loss in charge to warrant replacement? 20%, 40%, 97%?

                                2. Let's say in 7 years all power tools are powered by fuel-cell batteries (or, maybe the battery attachment changes), and my batteries are only good for 10% of the original charge, and you don't even offer these batteries any more. What will Ridgid do for me?

                                3. Let's say the chuck can no longer grip drill bits, & they are always slipping. Will that be covered under warranty (ie 'normal wear' vs 'abuse') ?

                                4. OK, It's now 8 years in the future & I walk in Home Depot with the drill that I was given as a replacement 4 years earlier (so it's the 2nd drill & I want a third). Does the warranty carry over from the tools I buy to the ones they're replaced with. (I can picture a discussion where the customer service person says "This warranty is for tools bought in '03 and this is a '07 model so it can't be covered...)

                                I do understand that this is not a "no matter what" warranty, but I (as probably many others here) have been burned by what should have been covered by warranties (ie: Sears once tried to give me a "Sears" brand shovel to replace the broken "Craftsman" shovel since they didn't carry "craftsman" shovels at that store any more, & I knew that the "Sears" shovel would no longer have the 'lifetime' warranty...) I'm sure this thread would be a mile long if we all went into our experiences.

                                Oh, and for grins, let me note that I'm MALE. I don't care about color!!! D Well, that's not quite true, if these tools were bright pink... (sigh!)

                                Thanks to all
                                Looking at the jig saw (corded) & the combo-cordless... Let me ask, any odds of there being a cordless 18v hammerdrill + recip. saw, I find the cordless circular saws to eat batteries too quickly and simply aren't worth it for my work...