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"Lifetime" Waranty and HC Batteries

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    Page 3, far right, bulleted details of the warranty (if purchased through Dec. 2003):

    4th bullet: " That means free battery packs for life. "


    What if a giant radioactive asteroid covered with flesh-eating microbes was on a collision course with earth, and all the world's governments got together and launched all their ICBM's at it at once, but it blew up into fragments and the biggest chunk the size of the Arctic icecap kept heading towards earth at 20 million miles per hour and was 30 seconds away, and just then the release on my battery wore loose after 7000 consecutive years of round-the-clock use, and it was extremely inconvenient?


    Under this much horse$h!t, there has got to be a pony.


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      UPS ain't gonna be able to get it to you within 30 seconds, Mark4. After that, the warranty is void...



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        I just returned my Ryobi combo set last night to HD and bought the new 4 piece combo from ridgid and I really like it so far. The dual battery charger is incredible. It charged both batteries in 15 minutes. Everything seems to be very well made .I haven't used it at work yet as to give you a honest opinion on performance ,but will be working these tools this week and will post my findings.Love this Lifetime gaurantee...beyond incredible.
        There is one suggestion I have for Ridgid...replace the soft carry case with a hardshell and the kit will be perfect. I find it a pain in the a$$ to get them all in the bag.Just don't make a suitcase like Ryobi..copy the dewalt case.


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          I used my new Ridgid cordless circular saw & drill today and I am definitly impressed. There is no comparison to what I was useing ,these tools blow the Ryobi away in every aspect.
          Thanks for the super deal and the great tools Ridgid!!!


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            Brandman, I haven't heard your response on the warranty. Is this lifetime warranty available in Canada? We do want to know what the great "Oz" has to say.


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              The warranty is the same in the United States as well as in Canada.


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                I was hoping for a response to my post a few days ago. As I didn't get one (other than the sarcastic ones, gee, thanks guys!), I called the Ridgid number to get some answers. For all those who'd like to know more, let me share what I learned.

                1. (Question was 'how much charge loss does a battery need to lose before it's covered by warranty) Customer Service had no idea, and Technical Support didn't give an exact answer. But, I was told that the service center would determine this, and it would be something reasonable. For instance, he said if the drill only runs for 10 minutes, the battery should be replaced. That's not much charge left, but at least it's not a unrealistic written rule either.

                2. Tech service fellow said that if the tool isn't made anymore, then they would give me whatever new equivalent tool is available. So, if drills are run by 'fuel cells' and my old one dies, I'm in luck!

                3. If the drill chuck starts slipping, it IS covered by the 'normal wear' warranty.

                4. When you return a warrantied part (ie battery), the replacement DOES continue to carry the same 'lifetime' warranty.

                I hope this helps some of the other skeptics like myself believe that this is a real, viable warranty...


                As a side-note, I've already gotten the Ridgid corded jigsaw, and a 10" miter saw. The jigsaw REALLY impresses me, lots of power, good feel, good visibility cutting right side up/upside down/upward/downward. It'd be nice to get a little dust collector bag with it, but I've already rigged one up. Haven't played with the miter saw yet (got it yesterday), but the demo model looked rock solid & it should have plenty of power for me... Oh, and I talked a good friend into getting the 4-piece cordless set, but he is now just a regular friend because he wouldn't let me take them home & try them out (for a few months)... I plan on getting a set of these as well before year-end.


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                  I am a HD associate and the way we handle the lifetime warranty receipt issue is to take the customer to the special service desk and have the tool purchase put on a "will call". By doing this the customer gets a 8.5 x 11 receipt on standard copy paper. It takes a few extra minutes but it makes the customer happy.


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                    1st - Don't laminate your HD receipts!
                    Many laminators use heat to seal the two plastic halves together, The HD receipts are thermal paper they will turn black if exposed to sufficient heat!
                    2nd - Don't put tape on the receipts either this will make the writing on the receipt disappear within weeks!


                    BrandMan; Will a photocopy of the original HD receipt(s) accompanied by the faded illegible thermal paper HD receipt(s) work in 17 years when I need lifetime warranty service done on my new 4 piece 18V kit?

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                      I would think that a photo copy and the accompanyment of the faded register tape would work.


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                        WARNING!!!!!!!! DO NOT LAMINATE YOUR RECEIPT!!!!!! Laminators use heat!!!!!!!!!!! The thermal receipt you run through will turn black!!!!!! Just tried it. I snipped a piece of my receipt off and tried it first!! Trust me on this one!!
                        We are all born with the equal oppurtunity to become unequal.


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                          Now that I've made a complete idiot of myself because I didn't see the end of page to yet, I'm glad someone else already thought of the same thing. I do have a question that I'm dying to ask while I'm here. Is Ridgid intending to develope a realistic hard case for the new 4pc. combo that I just bought? I knew ahead of time that it had a bag, but I never suspected that I was going to have to solve a jigsaw puzzle to fit the tools into the bag, leaving my most used tool, the drill on the bottom of the heap. Ridgid took the time to build in safety rubber so your tools wouldn't get scratched up when you set them down out of the bag, but you still have to pile them onto one another in the bag. The Ridgid name and quality of the tools as well as the unrefusable lifetime service warranty forced me to buy the tools, But having spent $500.00 on the set, I'd like the same ability to protect my tools from damage as the fellow who buys a fourteen volt cordless for far less. I've owned my Dewalt cordless drill/saw set since 1998. And still sold it recently for $200.00, because I take care of my tools. Please tell me there will be a hard case soon, and it won't cost me an arm and a leg!!! Love the tools HATE the bag!!!!!!
                          We are all born with the equal oppurtunity to become unequal.


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                            I'd like to second what Mark IV said. I've also had to call Ridgid because the fence on my TS2424 had quite obviously been struck by a fork lift during shipping. The very polite woman first asked me what was my address. I simply answered. and she said, "Thank You, it will be sent out today." I got it in two days I've used Ridgid tools in all forms, and I've never had a complaint about them, accept that bag.
                            We are all born with the equal oppurtunity to become unequal.