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"Lifetime" Waranty and HC Batteries

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  • "Lifetime" Waranty and HC Batteries

    BrandMan, am I reading this right! I just recieved some Ridgid literature on the new line of cordless drills. It states that if the tool is purchased during the "lifetime" warranty period, the battery packs are covered for life since the warranty also covers "normal wear items". Am I to assume that Ridgid will replace the battery packs as they wear out without charge? If so, how complicated a process will this be. Considering that replacement batteries are often just short of the cost of an entirely new drill, this sounds too good to be true since they generally last only a year or two. I suspect that this warranty is not as it reads.

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    I know your asking Brandman, but I can answer it if you wish..

    The warranty is as it reads. You wear the battery out, you get a new one, just as it states. It is a service warranty as stated, so way down the road you would have to get the packs "serviced" I.E. replaced. However, I would suspect that less than three years or so you could probably work something out with your local Home Depot. Many of them (the stores) process a drill swap out with customers with bad batteries by sending a new drill back to the company with a customers old batteries to get credit for the complete kit, and giving the customer the new batteries.

    The current introductory warranty on the new tools is probably one of the best ones in the business, and is better than the old Ridgid warranty as it warranty’s normal wear, as most warrentys do not.

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      Mr man, thank you for the reply.I do not want to run this into the ground but due to my past experiences with service centers (of various brands) as well as some dealings with Home Depot I just cannot imagine you would be able to walk in to a service center or a HD with a battery that will no longer hold a charge and walk out with a new one. It just seems too good to be true, especially in light of the process you stated HD has to go through in order to get credit for the exchange. I can just picture the look on some HD employee's face when I walk up to him and say I am here to swap batteries.


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        I understand your concerns. I wouldn't go the HD route unless the drill was under three years of age or so. Be sure to keep your receipt, and make a copy of it as they fade out.

        Your right as most stores think it’s a bit strange when a customer walks in with just a battery, however, if that’s a problem, just take in the whole kit. The factory has no problems giving the stores credit for items that are legitimately under warranty and that is taken care of when the rep visits the store on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

        Outside of a few years, you’re probably looking at taking it or mailing it to a service center to be taken care of. IF you have had problems with one center in the past, try another one.

        One thing is for certain you are covered.

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          Don't want to sound rude or anything, but let me get this straight . If I purchase say the 4 piece Ridgid cordless combo kit before Jan 1, 2004. I have a lifetime warranty for everything that is in the kit including tools, batteries and bag. This includes the replacement of batteries if they were to fail, not hold a charge, or have a reduction of battery performance. In addition, does the warranty also cover issues such as bad switches, motors, etc. Does this mean the lifetime of the items or for as long as I own the tools.

          And if I were to have a problem, all I have to do is show them the paperwork, and either HD or an authorized repair shop will replace or repair the item? This just seems to good to be true. Ridgid must have a lot of confidence in these tools. And also, way in the future, will parts be available to repair or replace the item. Will they replace with a comparable unit?

          Off topic, was wondering if the batteries can be left in the charger with no to little decrease in battery performance. Also, how come the drill in the combo kit doesn't have a one-hand chuck like the other drills. I really like this feature that DeWALT uses instead of using two hands to tighten the chuck up. Once again, sorry if this may seem rude. Thanks


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            OK, I'm going to give it a try. I'll be buying a R83015. If the thing is just half as good as my TP1300 and 3612 I'll be happy.


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              Answer to question 1) Yes, for you lifetime, so long as you keep the proof of purchase. Go to Kinko's and laminate it!

              Answer to question 2) We used a ratchet style chuck on the drill on the combo kit because it is a hammer drill. The standard X2 series have single sleeve chucks, like you mentioned that you like on that other brands line of tools.


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                I just returned the dewalt kit I bought a month ago so I could purchase the ridgid brand!!!! That's exactly what the ridgid name stands for, quality. I have been using ridgid tools for fifteen years and if they make it, it's the best period. Today on the job everyone wanted to know where they could get these tools. I was a die hard dewalt man but that was until I found out you guys made cordless tools. kudos. p.s. they are that good check them out. All you have to do is listen to the motors and tell they are going to last.


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                  johnboynotbilly, see that you purchased one of the ridgid kits, which one did you get? How did it compare to the DeWALT in terms of performance. Currently have purchased the DeWALT DW4KIT-2 and am seriously considering purchasing the Ridgid version and returning the DeWALT kit. Lack of reviews and being unproven is my main drawbacks with the Ridgid version. Wish there were more information available about these new power tools. Thanks


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                    One other question. there are companies out there that give a "lifetime" warranty, but when the time comes to do the right thing, they state that the product is at the end of it's usefull life expectancy, and therefore will not warranty the product. Does the Ridgid policy have any small print?


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                      No small print. We have been around for 82 years. You know where to find us... We will support you, and all of our end users.


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                        Originally posted by BrandMan:
                        No small print. We have been around for 82 years. You know where to find us... We will support you, and all of our end users.
                        Strong words, BrandMan. Strong words, Indeed. It would appear that the overall move here is to align the Ridgid power tool line with the tool line that really is at the core of that 82 year history -- the Ridgid plumbing tool line, which is pretty much the gold standard of the industry. I don't trust a plumber who doesn't own at least one Ridgid tool. [img]smile.gif[/img]

                        It should be noted that the terms of the lifetime warranty specifically state that the warranty does NOT cover "any malfunction, failure or defect resulting from misuse, abuse, neglect, alteration, modification or repair by other than an authorized service center..." In other words, drop your drill off of the roof of a building and it fails -- well, that's not necessarily covered, Bubba. Use your cordless drill as a hammer? Well, that sounds like misuse to me. OTOH, if you use it day in and day out in a normal construction or industrial environment, and it quits -- well, keep the receipt and you're covered. Not bad at all, IMHO.

                        Still, I can't resist the question... there does come a time in the life of every power tool when it's just plain worn out. If I'm reading you correctly, Brandman, is "just plain worn out" covered as well? Is there a point at which the term "End Of Life" comes into play? 75 years from now, when we're all gone, will my grandchildren be hitting up the folks at Ridgid for new batteries?

                        The lifetime warranty is a great marketing ploy. It really positions the tools well. I was comparing the Ridgid cordless drills to the Dewalt equivalents yesterday, and as one guy that was doing the same said, "I guess they've gotta have a lot of faith in their product to give it a warranty like that." Once that initial surge of the new tools gets out into the field, they'll sell themselves.



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                          Yes Dan, a lifetime warranty is marketing. All warranties are. They are also a promise that is carefully crafted to be something that the company issuing it is willing to fund and back.

                          We proise to warranty the tool from defects in material and workmanship. If RIDGID tools go down on you because we did not make a good tool that day... Our bad. General misuse and abuse - hey not many if any at all companies absolve the owner from some accountability. Time - I think we all logically understand that tools are not designed to work forever. Very few if any mechanical items last forever. Besides - these forum pages have been busy of late with discussions of new technology advanceing the performance of tools.

                          As a company we want to be in a position to continue to offer you new tools with innovation and technology that make you more productive. We would hope that you would be in the market, for whatever reason, for new tools when we present them.

                          The lifetime purchase agreement that is offered now through December 31, 2003 - Includes free service on normal wear items like
                          batteries, brushes, motors, gears and switches.

                          This applies to the new power tool and wood working items in the RIDGID line.

                          Blades, Bits, Sanding Paper
                          And other Consumable Accessories.
                          Also excludes misuse and abuse of tool. So - in this instance, normal wear would be covered.

                          It is a judgement call, as you hinted at. But we aren't out to get anyone and at the same time we honestly need to protect ourselves, as would you, from being taken advantage of. We want to honestly support you and the use of our product.


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                            Warning to everyone: HD receipts will not last a lifetime, they are thermal and will fade to an unreadable state within a few years. Photocopy your receipt, laminate, and put into a safe.
                            Brandman, is that december 31st date for manufacture or purchase?


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