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  • X-2 Hammerdrill

    I have had my X-2 hammerdrill for about a week.
    A few days ago I was reading the Ridgid forum and saw several complaints about chuck wobble on the hammerdrills. That spooked me into buying a Milwaukee Loc tor 18v hammerdrill. Fortunatly I had not returned my X2 drill yet.
    I tested the two drills side by side. I drove a 1 1/2 in spade bit thru a 4 by 4 (pressure treated) The Ridgid made it thru with no problem,the Milwaukee didnt make it thru the wood even one time. What I didnt like about the Milwaukee was that the battery and the motor became very hot. The Ridgid on the other hand never became warm. As far as torque I have no doubts about its claimed torque of 510 in lbs. As far as the Milwaukee 18v lok-tor, I cant understand what is so great about them. I was very unimpressed with this tool.
    As far as chuck wobble,I have not seen it in my X-2 hammerdrill. The Milwaukee was returned this morning.
    I performed a similar test a couple months ago with my Ridgid circular saw, It beat the crap out of the great Milwaukee circular saw in my tests (In my opinion)
    Ridgid 2 Milwaukee 0

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    Hey, just for fun, why don't you go buy a worm drive skilsaw and compare that to your Ridgid saw. I am quite sure that it won't lose the battle. In fact, put it against any other circular saw... oops, I forgot, this is a Ridgid forum, not Skil.


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      I read that Ridgid will be coming out with a worm drive circular saw. You just might want to wait so the comparison can be apples to apples and not lemons to apples.
      I decided to change calling the bathroom the "John" and renamed it the "Jim". I feel so much better saying I went to the Jim this morning.


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        I almost bought a skil wormdrive,and I agree that a normal saw can't match a worm for torque,however for most normal sawing, a 15a 5800 rpm saw will do the job faster. Besides, I could barely lift the Skil worm saw.