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tuning the tablesaw

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  • tuning the tablesaw

    this is my prob. i have a very bad back,and while bending and such,,well it hurts like the dickins. is there a easy way to tune this saw so its all set to go?? when im doing projects,if you can call them that,,i go slow, and take alot of breaks,but nothing helps with the bendingstooping ect. so i might be able to tolerate it for a brief time if i new it was going to be done right.

    its that or i know a guy............
    i just like doing things myself,if i didnt,,we didnt,,we could all gop buy stuff and not make it ourselves.

    i just got my shipment of hand tools from ebay, now i have planes and spokeshaves and a few diff saws to mortice,tennon,and dovetails and stuff like that.. that kind of work i can do sitting you see. and much less pain. course USING the table saw,is not to bad,but the bending and looking under it and god knows what,,its enough to make me sell it,though i know,,once its set going to love it.

    i think its a 2612?? ive had it for 3 or 4 years,and my step son set it up for me about 2 years ago,but the last time he used it,he said it needed to be set up again,somthing got lose and is just a bit out of whack. but he is far away now,so im kinda on my own here.

    and ideas or advice to make it fast once im under it would be great guys/gals??

    thanx for all the info i get when i stop in to read randome stuff,i have tons of free time.

    thanx again,,