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x2 18V recip saw SUCKS

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    Originally posted by thedeckguy:
    Hi, just wanted to let everyone know I got my replacement yesterday. It was shinny and new, and it came in a box from Ryobi [img]redface.gif[/img]

    All in all I am quite pleased with the customer service.

    WAY TO GO OWT!!!!

    Glad to hear they are treating you right.

    Since I made my purchase on the heals of your purchase, I hate to see things go badly for you.

    So far I haven't had any problems.


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      i have had the 4pc set since nov.
      i use the tools almost everyday and i like them.
      the rep saw did break the blade saft while i was cutting metal roof deck. took it to HD and gave me a new one, no problems. have used it allot since, mostly on metal including roof deck,(metal and 2" thick gip deck with no promblems. drill is a bit big but works good. have metal cut blade on circ saw and works ok. still like all my panasonic tools the best. tool of choice around the job sites i work on. have a few yellow, no big deal. so far so good


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        Hey guys hate to dig up an old thread. I had the same problem with my recip. saw today. I was
        cutting 2 pine 2"x4"'s and snap, there goes the blade and shaft. I also noticed our batteries dont hold
        a charge , like our other(different brand) set.
        Then I was boring holes a few days ago, and the drill got in a slight bind. This twisted the drill frame and caused the trigger to stick. The last few weeks have been a real test for the tools and they have failed so far. I run a small electrical contracting business. When we have a tool go down it is dead weight on the truck.
        We dont have time to go to the service center.
        I dont have this trouble with our "red and yellow" tools.


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          these are neww tools and they will have there bugs and they will make changes to solve all of your problems. the only thing i have to say is the milw,is the best sawsaw on the market and always will be .the porter cable comees in a close second. i have fixed alot of tools and the yellow sawsaw i would never recomend this saw to anybody but my worst enemy.


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            Well It's been six days and counting since I emailed Ridgid about my saw problem. They have not replied. This really says something about a
            company. If I did not reply to my customers, I
            would be out of business in a few weeks. Now I know why most contractors( I have talked with)
            stopped using Ridgid cordless tools. Atleast I
            was lucky. I was able to return my tools for a full refund. Sorry for the rant, But I think people should know how Ridgid "served" this


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              Emails are easy to overlook or delete especially with the amount of spam email that likely floods their server. Pick up a phone 866-539-1710