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  • No new tools yet, but ...

    I just returned from HD in hopes of viewing the new tool line, no such luck but it did appear that they were trying to clear some room for the new display in the tool crib by discounting some other hand tools. I scored a 14.4V Milwaukee Hammer-Drill Kit for $100.00, sometimes change is good.


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    Cool gloat!

    Did they have the PC 8529 Router that their selling off for $100 also? Or the 18V DeWalt Drill for $100?

    There's bargains out there at the moment...go for it



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      I made a quick stop at Home Depot today and there they were... the new battery and corded power tools. I said I wasn't crazy about orange as a color choice in the past, but it would not stop me from buying. Well, the orange is not nearly as bright as it is appears on the web site. It is actually kind of nice. I hope the same shade was used on the WW tools.

      My wife and son were waiting in the car so I did not have much time to look, but I picked a few of them up. They looked well built and felt very solid. I guess we will know better once some reviews start rolling in.

      They did not have any of the new WW tools. In fact, all of the old stationary tool (table saw, etc.) display models were gone. Maybe the new ones will arive soon. Saw a few good deals on the old miter saws. The 12" CMS with stand for 229 was really tempting. I am still thinking about it. However, I keep thinking about Customer Service issues that have been going on lately so I know I should pass on the deal.

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        There were no routers on sale, the only DeWalt drill on sale was the 12V XRP for $100, and the “old” line of Ridgid stationary tools were all discounted between approximately 15 to 30%.