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  • bad batteries

    while very impressed with the ridgid drill in general i find that when the battery gets worked while i am screwing on a roof it refuses to charge.
    sometime it refuses to charge for over an hour.. by this time both of my batteries are dead and i am loosing valuable timestaring at the blinking red light..
    i returned the first ridgid that did this to me and now after talking to other roofers and again experiencing this i know it must be the batteries..
    is there some trick to fix this?

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    This is a common problem that I deal with every day. I don't think it is confined to Ridgid drills either. In Florida I work in 90+ degree weather all the time. I have two cordless drills with extra batteries for both and an HD charger that cools the batteries before charging and I still run out when I am screwing down deck boards. I even put batteries in my ice chest to cool them down sometimes. A hot battery will not charge with any brand of drill you buy. At least I don't know of any. The Handy Man


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      that's correct. A battery should NOT be charged when hot.. it reduces the life of the battery greatly. It's the same way on my Milwaukee batteries as well. It's for your own investment protection plus safety. Todays chargers can sense the battery temp and will not initiate a charge until the batteries cool to an acceptable range.