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    I just got the 4pc 18v cordless set and was wondering how to get the most from the batteries. I have heard many different tales on how best to use batteries. I went searching on the internet and found a site with some excellent info and thought I would pass it along.

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    Electro M,
    I just reacently got the 18 volt drill driver and had the same question. I called the cust service guys and they gave me a run down on how to brake in your batteries.
    I hope i can get it right.
    Fully charge the batteries to start with.
    Use the battery for a few minutes the charge it, and do that two or three times. Then use it as usual. Something about getting the most life and best charge time out of the batteries.
    All you have to do is call cust service and they will tell you exactly how to do it.
    My batteries are doing better and better the more i use them. Thats what he told me to expect. They hold charges longer the more you use them and charge them.
    I also asked him about memorizing the batteries, and he told me that wont happen with the new type of bateries they use. You can use it for any amount of time you want and charge it and it wont hurt anything.
    The one warning he gave me was,,,,, Do Not fully discharge the battery or you will have to start over with the priming part.
    Hope this helps,


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      Thanks, that's very good info on the batteries. I also got the 4pc set for Christmas and many of my questions about the batteries were answered in that website.


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        Interesting info! Thanks. I didn't see anything with regards to storing in a garage. How much effect does it have on a charge or the battery itself is stored in the garage in 20-30 degree temperatures or the opposite in summer... 80-100 degrees. I have kept my cordless tools stored in the house as I was unsure on this. I charge them inside as well, however, it would be much handier to keep them in the garage and charge them there if it doesn't affect the tool or battery much. Any info would be appreciated.

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          charging batteries at other than 'normal' temps can damage then. You should do your charging at temps above 45F, don't know if there is a top end limit. Charging at low temps will probably do more harm than storing your batteries at low temps.

          Personally I leave my battery operated tools in my shop which is only heated when occupied so it does get very cold out there at times. If the temperature is expected to go below 20F I bring them indoors. In the Winter I do all my battery charging in the house. But when you bring a bettery in from the cold be sure to wait a few hours to let the battery warm up to room temp before charging. Allow enough time for the interior to warm too, not just so the outside of the battery is warm to the touch, this will take a few hours longer than you might expect.


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            The new Ridgid battery charger has a fan in it to warm or cool the battery befor it will charge. It will blow air through the inside of the battery to bring it to optimum temps. If you were inside and the battery was cold from outside, the warm air from the house would help warm the battery. Pretty slick system.



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              All of y'all talking about those cold temps make me sick! It actually got to 28F on Christmas Eve but right now on 1/2/05 at 10:40 PM it's a brisk 73 degrees with about 98% humidity! Some of you Yankees blow some cold air down here to South Louisiana, PLEASE! [img]tongue.gif[/img]