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X2 Hammer drill kit vs. corded Hammer drill

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  • X2 Hammer drill kit vs. corded Hammer drill

    Does anyone know much about the difference in the power or torque between the battery 18 volt powered vs. the corded hammer drills. Any input comparing the two would greatly be appreciated. I want to buy one of the two. I hate cords but want a dependable drill even if it means a cord. Thanks!

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    I'm also in the market for one----frankly, it's one of those tools that really needs a cord when you consider the type of work you're going to put it through----I hate drilling masonry, and don't want to make the process longer with a cordless drill. Just MHO.


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      I have used them both on hammer mode, but only in solid center blocks, which really dosn't put up much resistance. The corded hammer/pulse drill was about 30% or so faster than the corded. This was with a 3/4" inch Bosch bit.

      The corded drill has about 3 times the blows per minute over the cordless.

      I would think that if you were drilling something like a concrete floor you might notice a bigger difference, since concrete block and bricks are pretty easy to drill.


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        I haven't purchased Ridgid's corded hammerdrill, but I do have the combo kit and since I do tile and masonry work for a living the hammer function is a nice feature. I tested it a little the other day just drilling some 1/4" and 1/2" holes in a concrete slab at high speed with really old masonry bits. I have to say it hits hard and fast without to much vibration to my hands and drilled to 1" deep in seconds it seemed.

        I however have a big roto hammer that I'll still use if I need to drill lots of big holes 3/4" or bigger.

        I think it comes down to what you need it for. If your in a profession where you'll be using your hammerdrill for hours a day everyday, I'd say the corded would be the way to go. But if your going to be drilling 20 holes here 20 holes there everyonce in a while I'd go with the cordless.