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  • Stinger wet/dry vac

    Hi Guys,

    I'm new to this board. I've been thinking about getting a wet/dry vac mainly for my garage at home. It's just a 2-car garage, and I use it mainly to work on my car. Occassionally, spills occur from motor oil, brake fluid, etc. Also, when using my impact wrench, it jars dirt off from the bottom of my car.

    That being said, I was wondering how well the Stinger does in this role? I just need something to either vacuum up the garage, or just use as a blower to blow all the debris and dirt out, and the other function was to suck up car fluids from spills.

    Is the Stinger decent for this, or is it just too small to go around and try to clean up a garage floor with?

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    Someone purchased one of these for small cleanups at work; it has a 1.25” hose that is only about 4 feet long and not very flexible and I’m not sure if it came with any attachments. If it is going to see limited use and the debris you will be picking up small enough to slide through that diameter hose it will probably suffice.



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      I have one of the $20 Stingers. It's great for use with my Random Orbit Sander, keeps all the sawdust out of the motor and shop. BUT Not big or strong enough for general shop use. Pick up one of the ShopVac 5 gallon units at minimum. Anyone that uses a ROS, I highly rec. the Stinger from Home Depot.
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        So for a normal home garage, it's fine for general cleanup duties then? If so, I'll save some money and get the stinger... probably with some extra attachments


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          I would not recommend using any vacuum to suck up car fluids. Not only is it an environmental hazzard it will make a mess of your vac. Once oil gets coated in the hose everything ( dust, debris) will stick to the inside of the hose. You should use a product made to absorb the oils then dispose of it properly. For those of us that do woodwork we have an ample supply of sawdust to use as an absorbant


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            good point wbrooks. Glad to know that before I go out and ruin a brand new and perfectly good wet/dry vac