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18 volt performance-120 Hours so far

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  • 18 volt performance-120 Hours so far should never really buy any product for the warrantee...ask electricians to part with Klein tools vs. Craftsman...(and both companies make good stuff)....

    LETS STICK TO THE PRODUCTS...I'm not a woodworker like most of the guys on this site...but I try to give honest feedback on the products...PEOPLE ARE TALKING FAR TOO MUCH ABOUT THE WARRANTEE AND NOT THE PERFORMANCE OF THE PRODUCT...everyone should look at the small print....but who would care about warrantee if you have to return the tool many times...

    I have 18vlt 4 pack and a 12 volt drill...I also bought 12" miter saw...during life time warrantee period...I bought these tools primarily because my relationship with the pro desk manager at my HD...I consider him an honest person...and I think the tools are sturdy and tough...I bought 1 month ago...and I remodel almost full time...landlord/contract work...I have used the tools a combined over 120 hours...They can stand the only real negative is the sawzall...which has a poor design on the mechanism that holds the saw.....

    If I squeeze three years of life from these tools...I will consider them great....I know that I will have to replace batteries in a year or two...

    I think we all have a love for tools on this site...In addition to this set I have the new Milwaukee set which is just as fantastic...I need two sets in case one goes down I have a back up...I also have helpers which have no power tools...and I have multiple corded tools from DW, MIl,, Mikita Bosch & PC

    My opinion that I would like to convey is that most contract grade tools are good..(Milwaukee, Bosch, Makita, DeWalt, Hitachi & PC)...there are issues to each individual user what features are important to them.....that will make their purchase decision...also like many have mentioned keeping up with the Joneses on prestige or branding...

    Ridgid has cut the "mustard" with quality as far as I'm concerned...the people who don't like small issues in the warrantee need to return the tools for another brand....or dust the tool off and enjoy them...

    Yes I do think there are people on this bulletin board who are from other manufacturers trying to dissuade purchasers to return the tools or prevent future owners on deciding for themselves.....

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    I don't think warranty talk is out of line. The company make it an issue by giving a different warranty than other companies, and any ambiguity in the followthrough of that warranty is worth talking about.

    That said, the ridgid products would still compete across the board with all warranties being the same.

    I have now purchases the 4 pc combo, the 12V compact drill, extra 18V battery and finally the TS2400 yesterday.

    the TS2400 is the class of that style no matter what measure of comparison.

    I would have strongly considered all of these tools without a lifetime warranty, but I stretched my available budget for only one reason. To get the warranty. The warranty is important to me. Especially on the cordless tools. I've had clutches go out and batteries die in the past. I don't plan on worrying about that in the future. If they don't stand behind it, you can bet I'll be letting everybody know about it.


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      I don't consider warrantee discussion out of line....Though nobody with the exception of Caspian has given reviews of the tools performance...Warrantee is not relevent if performance is poor or mediocre....I think the company made a marketing decision to give the warrantee to penetrate the contractor and home market...


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        I somewhat agree with you. It's o.k. to talk about the warranty b/c like paul mentions, it's how they are getting into the market.

        I don't quite know if they would compete in the market without it. They maybe could be as good a quality or possibly even better, but to compete with a longstanding product like a DeWalt or a Porter Cable you have to find a way to get into the hands of the professionals. I think this was a good way for Home Depot to do it, b/c otherwise, there would be no reason for a carpenter per se change brands.

        After reading their annual report and seeing what the company is trying to do, it looks like they are pretty committed to making quality tools. Hope they can keep up with it.



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          I share your concearns as well...Though my mind was made up not by the warrantee, but when a friend of mine opened up a Metabo jig and the Ridgid jig... Inside they are practically identical..They are made in the same plant...the quality of the tools are good...I have the power tools and have been satisfied....

          My point is to get more people discussing good and bad points of the tools...and give comparisons vs. the other makers...You and I know that the best tool may not be the most expensive....Warrantee is a serious issue...but in the business world you can't put crap out and expect to warrantee a lifetime...the costs are too prohibative...

          ROFL -"The warranty is important to me. Especially on the cordless tools. I've had clutches go out and batteries die in the past. I don't plan on worrying about that in the future. If they don't stand behind it, you can bet I'll be letting everybody know about it."

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            I guess to be more clear, I should have said that the ridgid tools are high enough quality to compete on the jobsite.

            Obviously competing in the stores is another issue, and the reason for the warranty.

            The TS2400 I would buy regardless of warranty.

            The cordless stuff I might have passed on because there are a few I like the balance or weight a little better. The warranty is what sold me.

            The thing that does irritate me some is that HD employees rarely pushed the Ridgid stuff prior to the power tools coming out. I honestly never knew they had a lifetime warranty prior to the new tool line. Of course, I'm more of a jobsite guy than a shop type of guy.