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Missed lifetime warranty by 2 weeks

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  • Missed lifetime warranty by 2 weeks

    I missed signing up for the Ridgid lifetime warranty within 90 days by about 2 weeks on my 3 pc. combo kit, my 14.4 impact driver, my recip. ('sawsall'), and my 14.4 drill set. I had thought that I had sent them in, but I found the file with all the stuff today (all ready to send). I registered the tools online right away, but neglected to send in the UPC's and the reciept copies.
    It seems pretty clear that the stuff had to be sent in within 90 days, but I'm hoping that I could possibly get in the lifetime warranty thing because I registered the tools quickly and I still have the UPC symbols, etc. My other tools, 12V impact, a circular saw, I still have time on to send in (in fact I bought the 12v impact after I bought the 3 piece combo set 10 days to soon to get it free).
    I e-mailed more or less the above in to via their website, but I posted online here in the hopes of corresponding with a Ridgid representitive.
    Any suggestions?
    Thanks in advance.

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    May I suggest that you call the customer service telephone number that is given. With the original announcement, back in April '05, all previously purchased tools were included even if the owner no longer had the UPC. This demonstrates some sense of margin I would expect, although I obviously can't speak officially for Ridgid. Best thing to do is call Customer Support and see what they have to say about your procrastination.

    Good luck and hope all works out for you,



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      I called customer service and they told me to send the stuff in-she said that I would get the lifetime warranty.
      If it works out, I will definently remember and continue to buy Ridgid stuff first. (and if it doesn't I'll remember that it was my fault the stuff didn't get sent in, too!)
      Thanks for the advice CWSmith!


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        Hey, that was good news. I'm glad it worked out for you... I expected that it would, but really wasn't sure.

        Take note that this warranty registration process takes a bit of time. I think it was at least two months from the time I sent in my UPC and receipt before my E-box was updated to show that I had the warranty. I registered my first tool back at the end of April and I just received the plastic ID warrenty registration card about two weeks ago. So, be patient and I'm sure it will all work out.

        Best wishes for the upcoming holidays,


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