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whats the deal with the chucks on the drills

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  • whats the deal with the chucks on the drills

    that rigid makes ???/ taking my 3rd set back tommorrow mainley because of warped chucks......or arbors.....cant figure out which 1 yet....anybody else have any troubles with bad chucks on these cordless drills ????? thanks alot......btw its the 18 volt hammer drill that comes with the 3 piece set....

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    I believe by the lack of replies here that it is inferred that this is a common sense issue...If the chuck is out of the round, TAKE IT BACK BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE. You don't want to deal with Ridigd Repair Shops-drill parts are 3 months on backorder.


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      Part of the problem may be the carbide jaws. They are very sharp, and round bits don't slip into center very well. It is easy to chuck a bit significantly off-center. Personally, I'm not sure it carbide is worth it. The bits hold better but they tend to get pretty knurled up lengthwise. Even hex shafts get knurled.


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        Who makes the chuck that comes on the ridgid cordless drills? I have not looked too much into them as I purchased my last cordless drill prior to ridgid coming out with theirs, however, if the chuck is the only problem you are personal opinion is to replace it with a jacobs chuck. they seem to be the standard in the higher quality tools and if you like your drill overall it may be worth the 15-20 bucks to buy the Jacobs Chuck and replace it.


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          I noticed this problem too with the drill in my brand new 4-piece 18 v combo kit. I returned it and had the same problem with the new one.

          I've seen several posts from others about this. I wouldn't mind swapping out the chuck for a 3rd party chuck, but I've never done it, and I'd have to be sure it'd work. The price on the kit is right, but I don't want to get stuck with a drill that has a permanent wobble, even if it is very slight.

          I mentioned in another post on this site that a Ridgid tech told me others have called about this issue, and that the slight wobble is normal. But I don't see any wobble at all on my Milwaukee or DeWalt.

          Still, it seems to be a common problem--can you say "class action?"


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            i gave up and got my money back....shame....cause i really loved the drill and saw.... think jacobs has put out a real bad, long run of chucks....went by 2 different places yesterday and tried out the 18 volt dewalts....every darn 1 of them were as bad or worse than the rigid drills i took back.....blew my mind... tried a 12 inch bit on one dewalt and it was gyrating about a half and inch or better at the end....good lord....and all this from the top of the line , 300 dollar drills...think ill go back to that 24 volt firestorm for 99 bucks i took back to get the rigid......good grief......


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              Be sure that the bit is not placed in the chuck incorrectly. It is easy to not place it properly and in that case it will wobble.


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                Originally posted by Rafael:
                Be sure that the bit is not placed in the chuck incorrectly. It is easy to not place it properly and in that case it will wobble.
                ...wish that was the case.....tried many, many different bits in the drill with the same results....i think jacobs chucks suck these days....thats the bottom line......


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                  Chuck replaced under warranty in 7 days. New chuck is perfect - different brand than old one.

                  Still a fantastic drill.


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                    I have the 14.4 with the 1/2" jacobs chuck and it has the wobble too. I might just buy a better chuck for it. So far I like the drill.